Arifiss – BETH

Artist: Arifiss
Title: BETH
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental glitch Boston

Arifiss’s BETH consists of 4 letters. B, E, T & H. Each one of them is consigned to a track that will make you feel like you are dropped in the middle of a funky science project. B starts with vague glitch sounds that will inspire thoughts like ‘wouldn’t it be great if someone sampled this and turned it into approachable constructivism? And then the B continues and does exactly that what the just described thought had suggested; as if Arifiss could read our minds and delivers whatever we had been thinking & with so much more… B becomes funky, throws in a lively played slap bass that will make people who get horny by anything that reminds them of Squarepusher extremely horny! You bet that this B is a great way to start BETH with!

After B, it’s the perfect performance of E delivering a nice hazy groove with constructive beats and nicely flavoured synth flotation, pretty piano plingelings and nice claps… after this fine danceable moment T comes in… you might think it won’t, but if you forget the 54 seconds of silence at the beginning the T definitely comes; it’s a smooth time with lush minimal sound that feels more like a moment of eternal ambient than dancing along glitchy cut n pasted strangeness. Nice to put the head on a break and settle down for a bit of air.

But worry not! Arifiss’s BETH’s H takes out everything with a interesting electronic track that seems to mix the best of both worlds. Big fat warm pretty ambience, danceable slowness, glitches, soothing intelligence, warm earthy baselines and sweetness. Maybe even some warm mandolins at the end with a final good hearted piano-ish plingle… all in all I bet you will enjoy BETH as a whole:

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