Cryostasium vs. Petridisch – PR0J3KT : 00

Artists: Cryostasium vs. Petridisch
Title: PR0J3KT : 00
Format: digital/ cassette 
Keywords: electronic ambient darkwave industrialmeiko metal minimalist reverb spacetechno vocaloid Boston

On this release everything seems to sound as if we had been rained upon, maybe rain is still coming down from the draining pipes; everything is wet, soaked and the sound is dampened and fresh. You can just feel the appreciation of the plants and the trees for the miracle of water coming out of the sky to drink and be clean & green.

The music also sound like there is a human after party going on somewhere under a bridge, a shelter with a talented homeless person blowing his intoxicated lungs out through a emotional sounding horn, or playing a drowned out synthesizer with emotional value. It’s a good set, the wet weather ambience and the sentimental toxicity of the drowsy music.

There are also voices of angelic figurines to be enjoyed, as they flow nicely through the session, creating a sound that comes across like a real life fairytale story generated by a little too much vodka drinking just to bounce off the raindrops and potential coldness from being soaked in the weather.

To create even more depth to the story some church bells might be heard in the session, creating (in combo with the voices) a spooky effect, something that you can hear but shouldn’t be hearing as it comes across as a secretive ritual obscured by more wetness and rainfall. In general this album is sounding like a field recording of weird activities in a wet and dark night, the smell of rain can definitely be heard but also drama and secretive weirdness.

 It’s a bit as if we had stumbled upon a live documentary of witchcraft that started honestly with just a homeless person and quickly expanded into a mysterious session of weird mystery. If you like it wet and foggy with enough occult sounding weirdness to ponder over you might want to click the following link:


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