SisterSara – See Me (Subconscious Dub)

Artist: SisterSara
Title: See Me (Subconscious Dub)
Keywords: dub, electronic, music

To fall right ahead into business: On just one railroad-track a train can ride… this track might not be for a train, but is moving enough to become a locomotive for and ride yourself all over it. This dubby dub work is interesting and perfectly crafted, creating that hands-on vibe that professional dub-creators are famous for & Sara Fuga’s SistaSara would be no odd duck in such a dub creators hall of fame.

The power of mixing, giving the exact things that we need and leaving other things out is a true art form & when it works (like this ‘see me’ track) it gives the head a real reason to spin and hop in agreement with the Stoney groove. If there is a locomotive available that could ride this track it would probably be one producing lots of steam and smoke, not from burning coal but from an approving train traveling community all huffing and puffing amounts of ganja for special cloudy effects. 

Too many cloudy steam effects might blur the visuals making it hard to see, but ‘See Me’ has been gladly spotted and discovered… Extta  bonus point of attention is that it’s free to download too! Sweet!

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