The Greg Smeg Clegg Band – Baroquen

Artist: The Greg Smeg Clegg Band
Title: Baroquen
Keywords: xperimental comedy electronica jazz weird United States

Good times are here! You only have to click a link and hit the play button as when The Greg Smeg Clegg Band plays all is full smiles and innocence. The band throws in a nice and unique clash of cute cultures in one and the result is engaging and ticklishly fun! It’s a bit like curious cartoon music that peeks its head around the corner checking out if everybody is alright and happy.

It’s the music that is cute, friendly, weird and pretty much high up on the ‘can’t go wrong’ lovable scale. It’s the kind of music that is recommended for all ages, from grandma to young fetus and everything in between will have probably no real reason not to enjoy. The material would greatly fit as a soundtrack for weird tiny cartoons, something with adorable looking bunnies with gigantic irresistible eyes, puppies and friendly colors.

The music has given me the happiness and joy equal to seeing a random kitty cat in the street or bumping into a free hello kitty sticker pack; there is something about it that even though it might be just a conical side show, it is actual very pure, sweet and innocent; I severely love this, wish it wasn’t so short! But hey, short is cute! Right, punks?


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