Elliptical / OVAL DRIP -The Original Flowering Earth / CRESCENT COAST


artists: The Original Flowering Earth / CRESCENT COAST
title : Elliptical / OVAL DRIP
keywords: ambient, drone, generative, meditation, synthesizer, Denver
reviewer: Caffeinate

Hello folks. We’re on a roll lately. Apparently, the ol writing machine inside my head went off strike. Is this a good thing? For some people, sure! For others, well they might not be very appreciative of the words I have to say.

Thankfully, we’re not starting into negative asshole land, as we delve into this ambient track!

Holy garbanzo beans, there are crickets and some sweet slow tones. Very warm. Very relaxing. I can’t claim to enjoy all ambient, etc. (in fact I rather detest the genre as a whole, but as with anything there are gems!) but this hit my mood just right, at the right time. Kind of like my entire life, but that’s not a story to be told here.

It sort of invokes this wonderful, meditative feeling, with soft and slow tones. It makes me feel nice. It makes me feel fresh. Perhaps some breathing exercises relaxation. I haven’t truly relaxed in a while, so this was a welcome thing.

Not really describing the track but hey, the crickets bring about a nice ambiance and well I mean…I don’t know man just dig it.

The other thing, that is rather pleasing about this release, is this photo. Something in it just…fits so well with this track. Warmness is dead metal and a lowering sun.

Anywho, pick up jhdsgvbfc mnasvjyhgasfdvkjfgashkrtkuwejlkfbdsahgjsfdyuifiheoiwqklbfdf

Holy fuck! There are two tracks! I completely missed that. I thought it was just the one, but no there are two! Ok, listening to OVAL DRIP now. The previous one was Elliptical. Haha, I can’t believe I just went right over it. My apologies!

Ok, so this must be the track by CRESCENT COAST. Much sharper, I wound say more prevalent notes brought to the forefront. Tinged with a slight mood of sadness, it is also just…beautiful. Thoughts of lives that are not my own float through my head, some feeling of love and loss that I have never experienced personally. Don’t ask me why.

ALRIGHTY. You can pick up this sweet tape over yonder:






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