John Geilo – Charles is in da House

Artist: John Geilo
title: Charles is in da House
keywords: lobit slow tribal breakbeat track
label: 20kbps

John Geilo seems to be a real happy slapper, being able to slap around on his lap, the table and perhaps on a desk with papers: I’m not really sure what he is slapping on as with music, it’s not really possible to see anything… because… well… You know… its music. But John Geilo’s latest energetic release on the global dominating super netlabel 20kbps speaks so much to the imagination that visions of him slapping rhythmically on things is probably the first thing that pops up in your mind.

But the difference between anyone happy slapping around and John Geilo happily slapping around is that John Geilo clearly has skill, groove and the technique to do it brilliantly and you and me suck balls at happy slapping. Maybe you are a good slapping slapper (Because I can’t see you because you are just someone reading this from some screen) I just presume that nobody is a greater happy slapper then John Geilo; he must be one the best happy slappers out there!

John Geilo simply got the ‘it’ factor, being able to slap around and make that happy slapping sound that will please all techno lovers as well as fans of the audio output generated by tap-dancers; John Geilo’s Charles is in da House is for you! Oh and it’s free too! Time to slap the following link and tune in:

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