Total System Failure – Denigration

Artist : Total System Failure
Album : Denigration
Label : MuteAnt Sounds
Release : Jan 2017
Keywords; experimental experiemental free jazz harshnoiseharshnoisejazz jazz free lo-fi no jazz noise noise jazz experimental space rock Florida
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Where do you start with a record like this? The hypnotic, pulsating, Intense, rhythmic noise that ravages your inner soul and makes you feel like you’re going into a cardiac arrest but without the pain, anguish and trauma that you would normally associate from such an attack? Or maybe the free but totally melodic and listenable tenor sax playing that is saying so much more than any singer could ever sing or lyricist could ever write? Why not just start..

Truthlessness is the opening track or this three track record, and what an opening track it is!! 6.56 of pure unadulterated joy. There’s a sci-fi feel to the backing sounds, like there’s something looming, something you have been waiting for but you haven’t a clue what to expect. In trepidation crossed with excitement shall we say? The tenor sax has an eastern feel to it. A soulful feel that took my thought into an old and wise samurai spirit, hovering over his loved ones to reassure them, spiritually, that nothing but love will be blessed upon them.

Then out of absolutely nowhere kicks in the second track “Ms. Information U$A Pageant” Holy fuck, what a track!!! It’s all consuming every train of thought and feel that you may think you’re thinking and feeling and takes you over completely. From the very start it’s unnerving. The sax is like a tempting and teasing goddess. Venus has nothing on this bitch, she will lull you into a false sense of security and destroy and ruin you, and you will let her and moreover, be grateful to her. For the 10.33 length of the track, I can tell you all that I for one was extremely grateful and wanted to go again! The Moog effects and noises are the heartbeat and blood running through the veins of the listener. Similar to when you can feel your pulse in you finger or neck etc.. this is your whole body and being, just being taken over and you struggle to differentiate what you are hearing and what you are feeling. Every second the moog is getting louder and more projecting until I’m pretty sure I popped and eyeball around 7.50. It’s really an absolutely majestic track. My simple words really can’t do it justice.

Now we come to the third and final track “Distortion Teller” and you’d hope for an easy ride after the last two tracks but instead you’re treated to a track that is as masterful with it’s conversational tenor sax playing as it is terrifying with the suggestion, milieu if you will, of the moog which I think now has actually come alive and is pretty pissed about it. Around 6mins the sax is more like the screaming of a thousand souls in your ear. As beautiful as a banshee but as horrifying as the wailing death she screams about. Gut wrenching playing throughout the whole track must have been as much physically as spiritually draining for the man behind this masterpiece of a recording. A Mr Vinnie Paternostro who hails from New Jersey wrote, played and recorded this whole album and I genuinely think he recorded it in space, under the influence of some peyote from mars and some bloody cool space dudes for company, but that is just my imagination after hearing this goliath recording. In truth it was recorded in a small room in the states and I have heard that that room has not been the same since.

If you want to be blown away, taken on a journey though space, your soul, your inner most and darkest secrets and thoughts then please click on the link and download this record from the awesome MuteAnt Sounds Label today. It really is extraordinary but be prepared to be taken to places you really hoped you’d never experience.

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