Vomir / Harsh Noise Movement –  Vomir / Harsh Noise Movement

Artists: Vomir / Harsh Noise Movement
Title: Vomir / Harsh Noise Movement
Format: CD / digital
label: HNM Records
Reviewer: Simon Hit

When somehow a split between Vomir and Harsh Noise Movement passed my eyes I couldn’t help but feel all excited. The kind of excitement that can be compared to a child in a candy-store and all shelves are filled with candy that it really likes.. you know jumping up and down, crying for mommy to buy out the whole store… But Vomir and Harsh Noise Movement aren’t sweet and neither candy, but they do have that acquired taste that you probably either like or don’t like, hates to like or like to hate or simply make you want to come in your pants from over exaggerating interest! Obviously I’m one of those… so I’ve been listening to the release pants-less just to safe washing powder and water.

Speaking of water; Vomir’s side is a terrifying big wall that comes down the ears as if you stepped under a gigantic waterfall and bend your head in order to look up; receiving billions of liters of hard dropping water in both ears, totally destroying the eardrums and quite possibly filling your head up as if it’s a water reservoir. It’s a session that takes no prisoners, bringing no escape or moments to hide; long and hard destruction is all that matters over here.

Harsh Noise Movement’s side of the story isn’t a laughing matter either, yet feels more subdued on the ears then the total eardrum removal created by Vomir. Somehow less sharp the audio has a vibe that feels more as if you have stepped underneath a gigantic mountain of snow and you’d looked up being complete surprised by an instant crushing spectacle of lots and lots of snow rumbling down on your head and both ears. It’s a different style, frozen water instead of water… but certainly comes from the same all devouring roots that will leave your ears as bleeding open gaps and a head full of icy cold. It was good that no pants had been on as the combination of these two works had been more than satisfying!

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