Those Lone Vamps –  in Spain / Wrong (the videos)

Artist: Those Lone Vamps
Title: in Spain / Wrong (the videos)
Keywords: acoustic, poetic, avant-garde, folk, video

I’m happy to let you know that the project Those Lone Vamps is on a roll for ultimate artistic success. The two latest videos send in by the artist himself are breaking the intellectual boundaries in this time when most music videos do the total opposite. Do not expect to see the person behind this project playing in front of a webcam, do not expect exclusive nudity, fanciful build sets, animations, crazy dressage and special lighting effects… Those Lone Vamps just shows them all the middle finger by doing things drastically different. His music videos are of a different order, a leak on their own; taking things to a whole new level.

In fact watching and hearing these music videos gives you that strange feeling of hearing and seeing things at the same time, yet when you are finished you will be like ‘what did I just watch?’ And ‘what did I just hear?’ And when that happens you should remember that THATS Those Lone Vamps branding it’s own unique style on your ears and eyelids. Music that you hear but don’t, visuals that you see but don’t. It’s difficult to explain as you see and hear it, yet somehow it will be like you didn’t hear or see a thing; a bit like a magic trick really. I think it’s pretty intriguing, making me think of going to a hypnotist show, being invited on stage to become hypnotized, entertain the crowd by thinking that you are an actual chicken for a while, then being brought back to your seat after the hypnotizer snapped his fingers to break ‘the spell’ and you are thinking ‘I’ve been to the show and participated but can’t remember a thing.” While the actual hypnotist did an actual good job making you look like a fool on stage and you won’t even know it… that’s a bit like ‘the magic’ of these two videos by These Lone Vamps… you don’t realize it when its happening but you know it must be very good!


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