Various Artists – Outcome Unknown #4

Artists: Various
Title: Outcome Unknown #4
Keywords: experimental, Perth

“Recorded live on the 17th of December 2016 at Spectrum Project Spac”

Okay let’s start this ‘review’ live and on the spot. Outcome unknown for sure as I’m pretty much out of it.

It is probably very unprofessional to be drunk and attempt to write a review, but somehow I think that might be actually the way professionals go & flow. You can see that I’m still capable of writing, but I have the problem that I’ve forgot how to copy paste names and track titles, so forgive me for asking you to sort that information out for yourself. The review can’t wait to tomorrow when I’m sober as it’s now that I’m enjoying this release the most. It’s a album of live performances and even though they are all very different, they please me in this state of mind like the ultimate listening material.

The first set is (I might see double/triple) by three individuals whose names I’m not going to write down here as i’m unable to fully focus on their names and I’m scared I write them all wrong…. but their music set… its so great, absolutely weird but totally up my alley in it’s weirdness. The kind of alley that is filled with strange creatures, old ladies who play the singing saw, strange gnomes that sing and play strings… the music is a mind trip of a performance that passes by in so much wonder and comfort that it made me personally kind of sad when it all paraded by and the track came to an unsuspected end. It is a dreamy kind of avant-garde that made me see cute animal babies that you could stroke and hold peeping conversations with.

The second live set is done by someone lovable whose name I’m able to write down no matter how pissed i am: Furchick. She brings at first a delightful story, I can’t really understand what it is exactly about but I do register that she has a very lovely voice to listen too. It makes me feel like I’m a toddler again and a lucky passerby is reading a book to knock me out so I can enter dreamland. I hear her saying something like ‘your my lucky star’ which horribly made me think of madonna for a little bit, luckily too drunk to go to far away in the mother of pop sound and stick with Furchick and her pleasant experimental story telling. Furchick also creates an interesting heartbeat, it sounds a bit wooden but not stiff, like a parade of nutcrackers who all want to join into the story telling skills of Furchick. At the end everything becomes a blur, a weird audio pastry and I’m not sure it’s because the music is like this or I’m going through a certain phase of being wasted.

The next improvisation is by Nathan Thompson (I hope to have written the name right..) his music performance is pretty weird, making me feel like I’m at a home alone session in which a television is the shining middle point of attention. It gives that homely impression of those family homes that always (no matter the occasion or how many important guys popped over, will have the television on as backdrop companionship. Somehow this artist uses this to make everyone feel at home and gradually hijacks this confidential trust by making noises, wonderful noises, the best noises in the scenery. You can hear that he sits on the switch to total ear destruction but stays put as he is clearly polite and gentle, doesn’t want to turn the gig into a nightmare and waste the audience their haircuts with loud distortion; instead he push them to a recommended highlight that is delightfully accepted and rewarded with a very civil applause.

Then I passed out… waking up a next day… sober enough to add the names of the very first improvisation here: Zoe Kilbourne, Sage Pbbbt & Eduardo Cossio… thank you! You have been great! Who also has done an amazing job with performing live is ‘Akioka’ which I’m listening now in a reasonably sober state with a slight hangover. It fits this moment more than well, as it’s a kind and very soothing soundtrack for the ears. One in which vocal pulsation with mysterious underground arias sing and do their thing. It’s like a lush exotic dream and who doesn’t love that?

The final improvisation is done by Pedro Alvarez with the featuring help of Zoe Kilbourne, Sage Pbbbt & Eduardo Cossio… I always wonder how that works in reality, as in who does what? But I guess it’s impossible to know just from listening as in what way and by who is not important as the music seems to capture the attention more then any ego’s that might be behind it. In fact the track is so very polite, a audio work in which the avant-garde experimental sound seems to be so sweetly interacting with each other, almost as if they do a sweet lovers dance in which each sound seem to give each other space to perform, slightly testing out the water, touching and overlapping each other bit by bit until aural approval has been given to fully engage into each other. The result is a wonderful soundscape that almost feels like wonderful swans impressing each other with their decadent feathers and beautiful graceful slow dance moves… the work of a great team & the whole album the work of a great set of improvisational visionaries! Whether you are drunk or sober it’s a recommended good listen! Feel free to hear it all over here:

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