I Heart Noise – Gone In 60 Seconds – Vol . 2

Artists: Various
Title: I Heart Noise – Gone In 60 Seconds – Vol . 2
Keywords: experimental ambient indie noise pop noise rockpost rock Boston

After enjoying one of the other gone in 69 seconds compilations, I couldn’t help but try out another one. So here it is: 

Darkwoods – Intro
A heavy constructive opening on this collection of sixty seconds tracks. Deep dramatic tough guitar session with drastic drums building up the pressure and creating a perfect introduction for all the possible mayhem and madness yet to follow.

Marax – Dislodged Teeth And Fractured Fragments
This hellish promise turns quickly into a reality with a heavy noise session that took the name of the collector ‘I Heart Noise’ pretty much literally. What’s not to love about a moment of pleasant ear-shredding destruction?

Unsacred Hearts – Visions Of The Concorde
What follows is a punk rock good time that makes me feel like I’ve fallen directly into the heights of a wildly fanatic party. The band swings, the music rocks, and bodies are moving in a hot heated fashion.

Cheapmachines – De Novo
This track is easily be describable as the sound of a possible cheap machine. For sixty seconds it makes a nice sound, nothing too fancy, nothing too smooth just rawness that goes by leaving the ears slightly buzzing.

Handglops – Makeup Mutants
This is so amazing, a bulge of happy impact that made me think of the happy chimney sweepers from Marry Poppins if they were jolly good punks with some nice speed in their bodies. Excellent fun!

Crypt Keeper – Revolt
The Crypt Keeper makes sure no rest or ambient peacefulness can come in to this minute. He gamers away, sings ‘revolt’ with a sore throat and clearly means every thing that you hear. It’s an angry track but also bursting with energy.

Mystics Anonymous – Future Secret Societies
This song might or might not be a secret. I feel its or a mystic song sung behind closed doors for a members only club, or perhaps it’s the password to sing at the front door to get in (if sung correctly). It might also be a song to sing while urinating in a public restroom with some friends…

Paul White – Let Your Imagination Go
This is a nice moment of blissful feel-goodness. It’s like a good moment in the nineties has been stuck on repeat and who would complain about that? I certainly not; it’s good to be stuck at a good moment in time…

Alligator Indian – More Ghost Stories
Alligator Indian takes care of a moment for inner happiness, a time for self-reflection and sweet folkish psychedelics. It’s as if we are at a farm far away of the city and televisions are all destroyed & some lovable free spirited break-away people sing their song and make their music… so nice of them to share this session with all of us.

Glorie – 60 Seconds (Live From Memphis)
This work is worth a solo ballet performance, a dancer in tutu dancing like a swan, elegant and classically engaging…

Archaeopteryx Eloigns Ichthyosaur – Yet Another Gumleaf Skeletoniser
The music here comes across as a subtle uprising, a organic orchestral flow that feels euphoric and natural.

Electric Bird Noise – Trouble At The Hayworth House / Country Morning Wake Up Call
This track is as pleasant and sexy as a collection of scenes out of alternative James Bond movie, first at the office then out on the farm with a rooster and a banjo.

Unsacred Hearts – Heart Of The City
Lots of good energy here in this rockingly good track. You can clearly here that the band has the flammable passion to put any venue on fire with music like this as their weapon. The voice of the singer is super raw, on top of the case and it pays off excellently!

Monogamy – Hallelujah
Monogamy sound very low key, a bit like it’s made while being intoxicated. At first I thought that the person singing was a relative of Gilbert Gottfried, but than they turned into hallelujah singing students

Ice Dragon – Dusk
I really love the coziness of ‘Dusk’ by this Ice Dragon, it’s so very friendly and personal. It makes me feel like a friend popped over to go fishing in some nice area with just the sky, the water, a bit of lunch and hopefully some luck with the fishes… a moment of calm activity, a micro vacation.

No Anchor – Uninvited
This band throws up the manic mania and spits it nicely in the ears. The music is wild and on the edge and the raw voice comes across as if it’s coming from a singer who is singing his song while being cooked in the devil’s cooking pot.

VRSA – Minutia
Also something to write home about is this one minute guitar riff rough extravaganza. It’s a leather wearing t-shirt metal band collector’s wet dream. A short one, but everything fits compactly inside.

Feel No Other – March Towards The West
A moment of clarity and tough leadership comes with the song by Feel No Other. The female singing voice is strong and deferment, clearly knowing the goal and where we all should be heading: we going west!

Spaceless – Ghost Radio
A wonderful cloudy time is brought in over here, think of a bold fluffy cloud that gets bigger and bigger and when it abruptly stops because the time is finished, it felt like a balloon that had been hit by a needle: kicking us straight back up into reality.

Remora – I Don’t Know
This one comes across as a choir of wise men, all having beards (obviously) and singing ‘I Don’t Know’ because they are so wise and not afraid to admit that they don’t know.. the music that comes along with it also sounds wise… or maybe; I don’t know…

Ianth Music – Epic
The track here defied the power of the all-round concept of music by going a few seconds over the one minute mark. Luckily the music is epic enough to be forgiven. A nice authentic track that sounds like real music… a rarity!

Small Life Form – Nostalgia
This ambient work must be one of the more decadent executed 60 seconds on the compilation. It’s very subtle, using kind stereo effects to create a warm rhythmic warmth that would be ideal to play on repeat for relaxation times.

Then the personal favorite:

Boogie Monster – Kabutops
What a track of a tune is this! It kicks out and sticks out above the rest with so much manic insane blistering energy, a gritty punk attitude that is super tight, barely sane and yet completely to the point! So much win!

Het Droste Effect – Helluva Dirty K9
The last hard rocking epic center is this dirty shorty! Police sirens are clearly ringing to catch this lot; that’s how bad ass this tune is!

Cheapmachines – Cast (Extract)
All the way at the end our ears can reunite with the sound of Cheapmachines. This time it’s not sounding cheap at all, a clear case of the opposite: a very rich sound! Nice, warm, like a well achieved glass of champagne but than made for the ears. With this the huge compilation of mostly one minutes comes to an end. If you click the following link it might be the beginning for you:



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