Dark Sunny Land – The Midnight Dreamers

Artist: Dark Sunny Land
Title: The Midnight Dreamers
Keywords: experimental electroacoustic experimental guitarBoston
reviewer: Willem van O.

Dark Sunny Land comes across as a masterful maestro handling shadows, light and darkness with the help of dense and interesting drone escapes. The music is very full even though it clearly seems to camouflage itself in minimalism. The tracks are listenable discoveries that made me feel like being some kind of detective checking out a mysterious scene in which nobody is there but lots of traces of activities are found.

The most surprising thing to
Me is that even though the first glance of it al seems more dark and shimmery, the music (and especially the tones used) don’t seem to give into that darkness. Dark Sunny Land magically mastered the art of balance, of performing sad and grim mysterious moods with sunny and friendly tones on the instruments; the result is striking, like a scientist that had put opposites together in an experiment and enthusiastically finds out that they are not only comparable, they are actually creating a totally new thing. A dark brightness or a bright darkness… a sad happiness or a happy sadness…

The Midnight Dreamers is in general pretty much filled up with fragile sounding ambiances, soundscapes that wouldn’t be out of place when you are actually in bed trying to get some dream to take you away from reality. These tracks might be the ones that can trigger this, feeling safely in the middle of opposites clearly respecting a listeners mindset in a way that it can be interpreted by the brain in REM state towards any kind of mood.

Personally when I tested this album out in the early hours of the morning I had imagined hunting a abandoned house for clues, being successfully seduced by a hammock on a abandoned island in the sun. But also a dream of flying around without space suit in outer space with the ability to breath normally among the bright twinkling stars and planets & obvious vast amount of special darkness. If this sound of interest to you, feel very free to explore this work at the following link:

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