EUH! – Sewage Works

Artist: EUH!
Title: Sewage Works
Keywords: experimental jazz free jazz improvised music jazznew jazz drone hard jazz psyhedelic Sherborne

This miniature release by EUH! Is so instant and compact that it felt a bit as if someone just thrown my ears in the pot of strangeness, bubbling up with random weird visions, getting in front of a train and running and swimming at the same time; a very bizarre reality in which nothing is really real and all has a energy over it that is hard to resist. The sanity is slightly keeping intact because of rhythm and a familiar drumming drum & thank gosh for that.

The music Is a bit like the act of taking a dip into a meditation tank with the water containing some liters of liquid LSD; the environment might be very small and cozy, the music is always expanding and triggering the imagination in such wild ways that a whole array of friendly spirits, odd visions, and strange happenings are all popping up for a busy attempt to pleasantly go nuts. Or let’s say to become ‘wise’ in order to expand the mind in a jazzy avant fashion.

That’s the thing, the swinging drums are the only reliable friends here to hold on to for safeguarding sanity, the rest of the material is reason to stick your lips into the water, blow air out and make fancy bubbles while acid slips up through the nose holes. Are there quirky aliens popping up & police sirens rolling down the street? Is a bunch of galloping cyber genetic space horses in the neighborhood who are out to do some experiments on the innocent listeners?

Wearing a swimming vest with a little whistle, getting to know abrasive bird like creatures that flip their tongues as they attempt to play guitar, while strange grunge muffles appear… the music is making me think I’m ready for the lunatic asylum and possibly there might be some truthful truth to it! When the music session is over, sanity somehow returns and I can only say ‘respect’ to EUH! and their ability to press the buttons of lunacy without going too far…

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