Mary Lattimore – Orange You Just So Shitty

Artist: Mary Lattimore
Title: Orange You Just So Shitty
Keywords: ambient ambient harp psycho Philadelphia

Mary Lattimore is a harpist living in Philadelphia who isn’t afraid to experiment. Her music clearly comes from within, a trademark devotional musical artists will share with her. Her latest track is a interesting one as it showcases that artists who work from the inner core, feelings and hearts are also very vulnerable to external forces.

In this case Mary Lattimore describes her latest composition as a result of watching too much television – anxiety song. Title wise you can clearly suspect what the anxieties are generated by and truthfully I think a lot of people (artists or not) are subjected to the crazy times. It’s as if we are living in a badly made utopian Badman movie in which out of touch villains have taken over all sensibleness and the world gone upside down. Everyone is reacting differently, from switching off the television, blocking news feeds or simply moving to abandoned islands without any connection to ‘the modern world’ available. Mary Lattimore reacts in a different way and it’s something you should look into if you can’t afford to move away, switch off and block yourself from the media baloney.

Her track might be made thanks to television anxiety, the result is a beautiful transformation. It simply begins where we all should begin; total nervousness, the blood pulsating fear for what’s to come, the orange glow has arrived – what will happen? But than Mary Lattimore gets into it, not into the stream of news anchors and political freak shows but into her own world, her own music…

she clearly plays and stumbles upon her own inner core by switching off the outside world, providing a true transformation that becomes from panicked material into something that is at ease, calm, wise, alone and soothing. It’s a real recommended trip to go through as many could use a little off time and thanks to Mary Lattimore’s Orange You Just So Shitty it’s possible to completely forget orange. Or at least for a good bit as long as the pretty music will last. Music is such a powerful antidote and this gives so much soothing relief. Feel free to take your mind to a better place over here:

(Found thanks to a modern retweet by Feminatronic

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