Nebular Silence Various Artists, Vol 2′

Artists: Various
Title: Nebular Silence Various Artists, Vol 2′
Keywords:  ambient electronic international seasons winter summer autumn spring Buenos Aires

“Hello Nebular-silencers, hope you are having fun!”

Uh… yes, thank you!

“We have just released our second V.A. album and we want to share it with you. It is a 12-tracks-album divided in 4 four EP’s each one inspired by a particular year season.”

Ah, the four seasons, the wonderful four seasons. That’s lovely… the thought does not only make me think of the actual four seasons, but also automatically of Vivaldi & gosh I love, love, L O V E – V I V A L D I

“Don’t worry!”

Oh I do not worry, not the slightest, thank you very much for your concern…

“If you download just one of these EP’s you will receive the full four-seasons-album.”

Ah! That is nice and interesting… it makes a lot of sense if you are living in a country with four seasons, I mean if you choose one you get all the others with it for free. Interesting to me is that if you download for whatever crazy reason all these seasons here separately you will end up with four copies of each season, right? Pretty much good value for your money if you’d ask me.. its like download one season equals three extra ones. Download four separate seasons and end up with 16! I’m no mathematic wiz-kid but that sounds like a very good deal.

…And it is a good deal as these season themed EP’s are probably nicer then the actual weather circumstances reality will ever produce. Take for example the ‘Spring’! Spring starts with a breathtaking work of pure love by Jimmy Watt named ‘Zen’ that will give your heart reason to smile again. The sound is so nice and lush, clearly making way for good things, for happy birds, atmospheric ambience with ear-pleasuring melodies and mixing qualities. The melody reminds of pink sakura blossoms, of fresh smells of spring; it’s pretty and wonderful.

This feeling of wonder and prettiness will not go away and instead only grows while Casey Truax will bring its melodic magic with ‘April’. It’s a graceful work of pure melody to get completely lost in. Wonderful strings, material that hints to great respect towards all that is beauty in this spring season. The melodic progression, the composition and sounds are delightful clearly a case of music that is made by a soul who knows how to make wonders. I never thought to write this, but thanks to these two tracks I wish it was Spring f o r e v e r, that’s how wonderful it made me feel.

Luckily there is one more part of Spring to enjoy, this is done by Ars Caelum and is well worthy and fitting companionship of the other works. Here actual birds can be heard that will greet you with their pleasant calls of nature. The music is dense, warm like a blanket with pleasant layers of sound waving over each other. The music production and ways of melodic progression of all three of the ‘spring’ creators are so very fitting that they are or very well curated and selected artists that fits each other in such delightful way, or that they somehow are spiritually connected… in any case together they probably deliver the best ‘Spring’ ever…

The season of Summer doesn’t disappoint the slightest bit either. Staring ‘T’iwu’s Gypsy which is like a dream of Mother Nature’s seasonal awakening. A work in which playful guitar drone, a pleasant baseline and interesting field recordings are presented in such a way that it’s like a respectful trip to a part of ‘summer’ you’d probably never expected to travel through; very laid back and beautiful.

Another intriguing mystically engaging part of Summer comes from Starburst Galaxy’s Sumer Summer Rama Lama Panorama (short version), it feels surprisingly cool as the world had gone to sleep and freshness and depth of a day that had been exposed to summer’s sun are now being soothed and refreshed. The music is very intoxicating, hypnotizing in a way that you lose time and space; Summer is clearly the season to chill out and lose yourself in a blissful state of consciousness.

But Summer is not only the time to relax it’s also the ideal season to go out and enjoy life. Pablo Suárez’s Saturn Day clearly caters for this perfect time of the season, giving a lovely upbeat beat and providing energetic happy vibes that will make you want dance, smile and be active in the summer’s sun. Melodic wise the vibe is fairly electronic with enlightened lightness that for sure make you feel oh so good! Who doesn’t like summer?

Of course Spring and Summer overwhelmingly give you all that you need, but ‘Autumn’ is also a unmissable season. It starts off particularly nice with the slow tempo melancholic sound of Los Sueños de Venus by Particula Eterna. Lovely sounds perform a mellow melodic material that nicely moves in the electronics wonderland of the extremely kindly bubbling Partícula Eterna’s Los Sueños de Venus. It’s so delicious with an easy going flow of sweet sparkled kindness. I can’t donate too many words to it as you should just hear and enjoy Autumn with your own ears.

A more dramatic part of Autumn is represented by Neil Hawk in his captivating work named ‘Jugglin’. It slips upon the ears like a sentimental mood with quality prettiness to make the base less heavy and down. It’s like a heavy goodbye to the season, a fond look back to what we have done with it and a audio tear with the knowledge that this season will be over. Very trippy!

The last and final season of the four ones is… winter! The ones that we’ll wishers always wish to have snow in it, frozen rivers and lots of holidays. Harald Gramberg’s Winter On Neptune captures the vibe very well, music falls down like the fall of tiny snow particles and cones with a pretty stretched out slow rhythm that you can follow not to fall out over on slippery frozen surfaces. The bass guitar playing helps with the sound of nostalgia, something that it’s also the season for. Apparently Winter is the season that the sound of guitar is justified in any way, being successfully just not only by Harald but also Naimad Proyectos engages fully in this emotional sounding instrument. Najmad’s Teccc 333 strums away like an organic psychedelic jam and its warm and cozy like a well needed hot chocolate milk.

Lift Off by Celestial Latitude decorated the winter theme with wonderful guitar strings & sweet sensual organic synth mellowness. The music wonderfully captures a fine happiness, something kindly euphoric and by definition beautiful… it gave me the shivers! You really should get all these season EP’s by downloading one, or simply downloading all and stack the extra copies up; you won’t be disappointed as every track is a beauty! Much nicer then the actual seasons!

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