an interview with Sam Langley of Timotay & Void of Ovals

Right, first off, hello, could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Samuel Langley one half of Timotay and managing director of Void of Ovals

I always like to know what peoples first foray into music was, mine was in a band called nostril and I played tamborine, yourself?

3 blind mice on the recorder dark days

Oh man, you really went back to beginning, thanks for sharing

I wanted to be accurate Graham


Sam (on the left) answering; I wanted to be accurate Graham

I first found Void Of Ovals through your band The Dagger Brothers, have you ever done a google image search for yourselves, it’s, er, quite something

Pretty saucy stuff isn’t it? Yes I still do a daily image search to remind myself how gorgeous I used to be!


one of the handsome pictures Graham or Sam (and even you) can find when googling Sam Langley

And still are I’m sure. Are the Dagger Brothers still a going concern?

Let me be very clear Graham, The Dagger Brothers are no more! Unless someone offers us mega bucks to reform in which case we’ll do it! £200 quid would be enough let’s face it we’ve got mouths to feed!

I’ll see what I can rustle up! Kunt and the Gang described you as criminally ignored after all!

He’s a good man!


Sam (on the left) saying ‘He’s a good man!’

You are now in Timotay, your album was my album of the year for 2016, which is a shame because no one cares what I think. What were the inspirations for this wonderful project?

We wanted to go back to the beginning, to see what was looking at music outside in as it were. You feel me?


‘You feel me?’ Sam (on the left) asks Graham (on the right)

I do indeed, where did you find that find specimen in the Rings of Ham video?

The portly fellow?


Ah that’s Kevin he’s a regular in the cafe where I work
He used to play in Maximum Joy


Sam (Not Kevin) depicted playing a game of Maximum Joy

You have a most fabulous baritone voice, when did you realise you such an incredible instrument?

It used to be a squeaky rasp….I used the Shirley Bassey method and now it’s rich and fruity a wonder to behold! I give myself goose bumps!

I can’t lie, I put on Space Trumpet as a “Marital Aid”

Someone reviewing us said my voice was ‘Too Deep’

I’m not sure that is possible

and a chap on facebook called our Timotay vid ‘Sad’


^ Sam Langley – the man with the deep voice

I was going to ask, you seem to put a lot of effort into your work

Not really it pours out!

Of your creative orifices

Void Of Ovals is the home to your output with Mr White, what made you decide to put it all out yourself?

Well mainly because no one else wants to! We have a handful of releases on other labels. When you make music that’s not easy to pigeonhole people don’t know how to market you.


Graham (on the left) smiles when Sam (on the right) answers ‘people dont know how to market you’

I was going to ask, aside from the world beating pop sound of The Dagger Brothers and Timotay, you are both involved in some more free form projects, can you tell me a little about these?

Before any of that we played as Eftus Spectun which lasted nearly twenty years until we called a day last January. The music we created was pretty varied but always far out. In the early days we messed around with unusual time signatures and dissonant chords which over time evolved into music with no repetition at all. Olly has a new band called Coims which continues this exploration whereas I’m composing quite pleasant music.


Sam says: I’m composing quite pleasant music

Your output with Timotay has blessed us with a few videos, are you going to do the whole album? Are the videos in lieu of performing live?

That was originally the idea. We’ll see. I’d like to do it live but we’re not sure what form that would take. We don’t want it to be The Dagger Brothers 2.

So, I feel I have sucked enough joy out of your life for the time being, what is the best way for people to find out more about your magical world?

Visit have a look…. join the mailing list… the videos….buy the T shirts……relax and release!

Great! Anything you would like to add?

Jumanji is a brilliant film you should watch it!

I have! Very sound advice, thanks Sam!

Cheers Graham!


Graham (on the left) holds microphone to Sam (on the right) who says absolutely nothing any more.. because the interview has ended…

Void of Ovals on facebook:
Void of Ovals official website:

(editorial photos by KN & fashion photographers)

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