moduS ponY and Belmont – (Split)

Artists: moduS ponY and Belmont Lacroix
Title: (Split)

Keywords: electronic experimental ambient technoNeuenbrook
Label: Strategic Tape Reserve
Reviewer: mr. G. Day

A good day can only have so much good music in it, so be a bit selective and make sure you squeeze this split between Belmont Lacroix and moduS ponY on your playlist. Why should you? Well the ten minutes provided by moduS ponY will not only engaging in a semi intellectual way, it also just sounds nice. It’s a trip that goes in a directions that I think are very unexpected, keeping the music original and fresh. Experimentally defining the boundaries of genres, glueing them together like only a genius could. It’s not just the unexpectedness it’s also the art of it all making perfectly sense. You can enjoy sampling, piano chill, weirdness, drone, rocky, pop, easy listening, odd ambience; it got it all and got it good. Couldn’t think of any better 10 minutes to hear for on a good day…

Belmont Lacroix – Don’t Make Mistakes from Strategic Tape Reserve on Vimeo.

To make life (and this split) complete Belmont Lacroix doesn’t make any mistakes in taking over with (is it. Coincidence?) a song named ‘Don’t Make Mistakes’ which goes for a experimental electronic slow pop format that exposes nice sounds and features the voice that you could trust and feel safe with. You would make a big mistake if you wouldn’t add this song to your day of goodness.

Wolf Eats Moon also follows a slow pop format with odd electronic artifacts and a voice singing a very interesting (but might be anxiety inducing?) song with apocalyptically lyrics. Think about instantly exploding carton milk boxes and one minute to live. Think of it positively and add it to your good day session of music listening; enjoy every minute of the day with good music and other things you enjoy before it’s all over.

Wish you all a good day & for goodness sake check it out at the following link:

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