Fuzzonaut – Swirly Rythmic Stuff


artist : Fuzzonaut
title : Swirly Rythmic Stuff
Keywords: electronic, free-form, trance, psychedelic trance, ambient, chillout, goam trance psychedelic, trance Israel
Reviewer: Caffeinate

I don’t know what it was about today, but it’s been a golden day of musical discovery for me. We continue the trend with some psychedelia in the form of a potential tranced out state.

There is a soft sport in my heart for goa/psy trance. I have absolutely no idea why, but any time I’m feeling energetic and some happens to come on, I get rather energetic. Also, whenever I happened to do some essentially ghetto speed, I’d be all stimmed up and goa/psy trance fit the fuckin bill for those times.

I’m not on ghetto speed (nor plan to be for the rest of my life), but still this hit me right in yes button, which is conveniently located northwest of my solar plexus (you never know, might need that information someday).

Due to my lack of overall experience with the genre, I can’t tell you what sets this apart. For some reason it just grabbed me by the gizzard with it’s pulsing basses, wonderfully strange synths, crow sounds?, and other stuffs. I’m only at Words, and there is plenty of album left so I’ll tune you all back in once I’m a bit further in. In the meantime, let’s fluff this review up.


Ok, let’s just pretend that that somehow looks like a cloud. Clouds are fluffily, so there you have it. That also didn’t take as much time as I had hoped. I got bored of it rather quickly, and my artistic talent is lacking so let’s find an ASCII cloud I can just copy/paste in here:

                                       ___    ,'""""'.
                                    ,"""   """"'      `.
                                   ,'        _.         `._
                                  ,'       ,'              `"""'.
                                 ,'    .-""`.    ,-'            `.
                                ,'    (        ,'                :
                              ,'     ,'           __,            `.
                        ,""""'     .' ;-.    ,  ,'  \             `"""".
                      ,'           `-(   `._(_,'     )_                `.
                     ,'         ,---. \ @ ;   \ @ _,'                   `.
                ,-""'         ,'      ,--'-    `;'                       `.
               ,'            ,'      (      `. ,'                          `.
               ;            ,'        \    _,','                            `.
              ,'            ;          `--'  ,'                              `.
             ,'             ;          __    (                    ,           `.
             ;              `____...  `78b   `.                  ,'           ,'
             ;    ...----'''' )  _.-  .d8P    `.                ,'    ,'    ,'
_....----''' '.        _..--"_.-:.-' .'        `.             ,''.   ,' `--'
              `" mGk "" _.-'' .-'`-.:..___...--' `-._      ,-"'   `-'
        _.--'       _.-'    .'   .' .'               `"""""
  __.-''        _.-'     .-'   .'  /
 '          _.-' .-'  .-'        .'
        _.-'  .-'  .-' .'  .'   /
    _.-'      .-'   .-'  .'   .'
_.-'       .-'    .'   .'    /
       _.-'    .-'   .'    .'
    .-'            .

I was going to be clever and find some Cloud from FFVII ASCII art, but alas they only exist as images and I feel that defeats the purpose. And look at that Words is over, we can continue! Oh, I did enjoy the song quite a bit, was some fun stuff.

Ooooh some stretched moaning vocals bring us into Chapachula. Untz untz untz untz untz untz, we got some stomping kicks and some sick LFO type stuffs goin on. This one is gonna be a banger for sure. Excuse me while I party by myself. I’m not excused? Well then sorry, you’re just going to have to deal with it while I have A GREAT TIME. It’s a bit mellower of a track but definitely good stuff. It’s got the tones to make me shiver in my bones.

Seriously though, the synths in this are ridiculous. They convey many messages to me, and they are sending me good signals. They speak to me on an instinctual level and it meshes well. I’m having a grand ol time with this. Then the tempo switch. YASSSSSSSS.

I’m cuttin it short here, only so I can enjoy the rest of this release. See you on the flip side.


Not done with the release, but I drifted over to some other music real quick and holy moley it felt like the whole world and time was slowing down to a standstill. Dis psy trance took me to a superspeed dimension apparently, so I’m going to try and use my newfound dimensional powers for good. Wish me luck!


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