Meter Bridge & Black Marine – Elegant Culture

Artists: Meter Bridge & Black Marine
Title: Elegant Culture
Keywords: canadian electronic avant-garde contemporarydarkpop experiemental neoclassical post-punksophistipop synthpop Nelson

What is that significant light shining in the darkness? What do my nostrils pick up in the shadows of the below mainstream scene? Might this be the place that I’ve heard stories about? The space in which good wine is more at home then a cheap beer? Where the toilets are clean and the disco is called discotheque? The part of our get together where the lights are not tacky but sophisticated? Below the mainstream and yet so full dignity and good taste?

Yes! It is nothing less then a dream and legend come true; elegant culture!
This Elegant Culture shines within the underground, making it glow delicately. Black Marine and Meter Bridge are the ones honoring it with their dedicated song, mixing electronic bleeps and blobs with graceful piano & a sincere sounding delicate vocal that gives the underground that classy feeling of honesty.

There is nothing rushed, no silly quirkiness or a spirit of ‘throw in whatever’ as they sound seriously dedicated to the cause of bringing elegance to the culture of the underground. A sniff of electronica, a hint of dignity, a guitar for honesty; all working style-fully in graceful appearance and decadent manner.

Meter Bridge & Black Marine show in a dignified single the pleasures of being ingenious and simple, of being clear, honest, gracious and neat. They simply set the underground scene on a new edge, a next level and a high standard; a new sophisticated pillar of hygiene and class. No dust shoved under the red carpet, but real honest sophisticated clearness. I just want to raise my glass of champagne and make a toast to a delightful future & to Black Marine and Meter Bridge for creating this dignified elegant spot of underground culture the dedicated love and honor that it so much deserves: Chapeau!

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