Ningen Kiki – Taste of Cyanide

Artist:Ningen Kiki
Title: Taste of Cyanide
Keywords: acoustic folk electronic flooflah freak music psychPennsylvania

To get a taste of cyanide Ningen Kiki gives us the opportunity to drink its specialized cyanide in music format through our very own ears. It’s a process in various phases starting with one named ‘cave machine’.

Cave machine has that robust coffee flavor, you can feel the gritted dirt of chopped up bean dust with an acidic after bite. The music is tarring the teeth with a nice brown layer, skipping itself down the lane with guitar tricks and a male voice as it’s main pleasures. Maybe adding some ‘dry water’ will make the experience more smooth. It for sure adds a more easier going substance to be taken into the digestion system. The playful aroma created over here has the right energy; staying absolutely friendly and not blackening the aorta as much as expected. Somehow the slipped in small portion of cyanide gives pretty visions of the members of that legendary band ‘The Doors’ laying lazy in the sun on a green field… things are not bad at all over here!

For the next phase ‘Akasha’ pops in, at the beginning this can be registered by a potential raise of heartbeat; are we feeling slightly electronic today? But when our taste gets used to the liquid music it becomes more like a hot sunny debate of sung love for playing guitars in the rays of burning sun. The sharpness of it all gives the upcoming drowsiness a nice oily take. Somehow you can really feel the poison of music getting absorbed by the blood vessels.

When it’s time for ‘Raining Puddles’ you know what time it is; the cyanide provides pretty hallucinations, somethings that are cute, pretty; a glimpse of heaven, eternal Christmas and folksy folklore heroes like Pan blowing it’s magical flute. The cuteness of this section is moving; makes being poisoned by music not a bad thing at all. In fact it’s that dieting can only be done once, otherwise I’ll take this journey every day. I mean even sipping through Traxks is a pleasure, intoxicating better and more pleasurable than the regular trip cactus soup intake. With voice of reason the body is overdosing on soothing cyanide and all you got to do is relax and listen how the music plays with your left over body functions. The music switches them off slowly, only leaving the mind open for final imaginative visions.

When reaching the final phase named ‘last pipe for the piper’ its clear that ‘the piper’ is you and me and the final pipe is filled with mind altering material to forget that we are going to pass out pretty soon. It is like the final cigarette of joy given before flying towards the bright light like a moth on a suicide mission. It’s a beautiful sight… until our wings burn and our bodies cease to exits… or maybe we wake up as one of The Doors and brush our cyanide intake offf as one of the mind f#ck trips to remember…

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