Obasquiat – #Mœbius

Artist: Obasquiat
Title: #Mœbius
Keywords: alternative experimental avant-gardeexperiemental experimental rock free jazz noise rockSão Paulo

Obasquiat flips the switch and inserts a nice wobbling dose of under the ground funk. Let this be just the tip, as the album #Mœbius has a whole bunch of assets to cover. Most prominently are the drowsy acts of spaced out lounge bar instruments who give free jazz an intoxicated name. Somehow a scene of drunk elephants hanging half of barstools, cigarettes hanging out of the trunk while slurping out fitting Belgium beers make way into my brain when listening to this festive collection.

But it’s not all lounge material that these groovy music makers perform, they clearly recorded some much more alive and upbeat stuff too. It makes me day dream of Roosters in leather with their feathers polished, cool cats playing trumpet. Octopus-coolness rolling and slamming playfully on the drums. There is even a gypsy bird singing opera with them, purely glorified by the instruments that feel so organic and full animalistic impulses.

There is a moment of collective humming / singing, leaving the instruments for what they are and just show their togetherness with a hum towards insanity. The avant-garde impulses in them might growl a little, make them rattle like a rattle snake; all actions to wake up their alcoholic animal friends again and pick up these instruments for final-breath-entertainment.

Next to all the action provided there is also plenty of ambience included that will provide anyone a bit of down and dream-time. Pretty layers flow over each other, animals curled up in circles like drunk pussycats and all is good. It’s a time of taking it as #Mœbius might just swift gears again but more into a darker angry nightmare zone. The music becomes angry, perhaps a angry-drink was the responsible factor over here. It might disturb a little but doesn’t sound evil enough to take the album’s soul away. If anything, the album picks up the vibe of survival, throws in some final determination and decides to end with a reasonable break down of a humble song. It’s a bit of everything over at the following link:

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