Melee – VII


artist : Melee
title : VII
Keywords: electronic, french, house, disco, disco house, house, California, this, shit, is badass, i, swear
Reviewer: Caffeinate

Folks. A fuckin miracle has happened. The New Arrivals section on bandcamp actually yielded some amazing results! Huzzah!

There I was, almost begrudgingly trying to find something new to review and then this fucking glorious thing happened upon my vision. See, kids? Judging an album by it’s cover works!


Ok, so I went and got a tattoo, and wasn’t finished writing this so I mean the original luster is gone (fear not I had another coffee, so let’s see if we can get the groove back). OH SHIT! I didn’t even need the coffee, I’m currently in the middle of Mirrorball and mein Gott, is it delicious. I’m dancing as best as I can in my chair. I don’t got the moves but Melee has got the music down fo fuckin sho.


I pressed enter twice. I’m leaving it. It shows I’m human. Anyways, let’s get into some more specifics. Melee describes their music as “Disco with a french touch.” I’m not an expert on the French (although I am rather partial to French electronic stuffs) but seriously they have this way with making things groovy, and it is seemingly so unparalleled except for the few exceptionally talented folks like Melee. Seriously, as you have read yourself, this makes ya wanna move to da beat.

The vocals are wonderfully assembled/amalgamated/interlaced/mixed/sprinkled/whatever other word you wish to use, along with ridiculously addictive synths and arrangements. There’s also an rather incredible foray into the spectrum of groovetasticness that is well pleasing to see. As much as I dislike the assumption/desire for variety for musicians, when you sound exactly the same every time it doesn’t hold attention (for me at least, I can’t speak for everybody obviously, but I feel that this perspective is why ambient/drone/noise doesn’t hold up for me very well sans some very specific moods). So, it’s sweet to see all these ideas and melodies and what have you come out to play, within a similar vein, but also quite different from each other and it warms my soul.

Holy fuck. Only You has come onto the scene, sliding on up and taking our hearts away. So good.

I would say more, but I think I have to bust many a move instead of type. For my parting words I will simply say this: the entire discography of Melee is only $1.05. Normally I don’t try to bring attention to the price of music but ho shit is that a steal. I went ahead and did so myself. YOU SHOULD TOO!

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