Norah Lorway – drone bølge

Artist: Norah Lorway
Title: drone bølge
Keywords: ambient ambient drone Vancouver
Label: xylem records

drone bølge sketches a seemingly immersive massive world of vast layers of ice, cold wind & warm intentions. Within this harsh scenery absolute beauty is discovered, swirling around in the ears to create amazing views and sights within the perspective of the mind. I saw deep blue, rays of sunlight reflecting on snowed upon huge surfaces and wished I had a photo camera to shoot some amazing shots from it. These kind of environments are such a discovery that it’s almost unbelievable that it’s just music dancing away with the imagination generated within your own head.

The second part of the journey feels as if the music had transported us miraculously on top of the highest snowy hill in the middle of the amazing scenery, creating that vibration between the nostrils of sniffing extremely cool fresh air. It kind of makes the body and soul feel revitalized, fresh and also a bit euphoric from the cleanness and impressive view. A voice of reason seems to fly around as if it’s the word of God, along with light making synth drones to feel relieved and achieved with. Pretty intense and pretty! (Also a lot more safe then going for an real life actual snowy mountain top adventure)

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