Paul Carr – Big Carsey

Artist: Paul Carr
Title: Big Carsey
Keywords: alternative beats drone experimental improvisationpop radio tremolo spoken word United Kingdom

The cool ruler, the man with the flair of someone who knows what he is doing, masterfully captured and released his single out and in the open. This man, artist, music maker, writer and singer with the laid back sexy voice is of course Paul Carr!

Oh yes, feel free to clap and yell hysterically like the true fan (or future fan) that you are! It’s fine to be enthusiastic as Paul Carr is not a fantasy man! He is a real one, not thought up or invented by big label bosses who needed a all loving super hero that everyone can love and relate to. He has the charm and the flare, he is rhythm and sound; he is all you need if you are in need for a nice man who can do magic.

His latest single ‘Big Carsey’ is set to be made big, should be played on every radio station, computer, stereo equipment and whatnot because why not? After all it’s a real Paul Carr and whatever this man does music-wise is pretty much material that deserves to be spread. Not like peanut butter on bread, but you know… the other way. Besides the ‘Big Carsey’ single comes with another song. That’s the kind of artist Paul Carr is, always nice to include a nice B side! The cool ruler strikes again!

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