Zex Model – Disease Of The Joints

Artist: Zex Model
Title: Disease Of The Joints
Keywords: coldwave electro electronic gloomwave industrialpost-punk paul von aphid russia
Label: X O S Musick

Zex Model sounds like a dark space emperor of an empire of evil demons from another galaxy. The power of Zex Model is coming across pretty terrifying, probably armed with a gigantic army of robot-fighters who are ready to slay heads off in order to conquer -without questions- for their grand wild beastly leader. I can’t say a lot about this leader as I obviously don’t want to wage a war upon myself and have Zex Model and followers blow up planet earth from the safety of their impressive space-fleet.

I think the music captured in ‘Disease of the Joints’ is telling enough to know with what kind of power and vibes we are dealing with. They are marching, unstoppable and probably not interested in conversation. That’s alright, we don’t need to join the evil empire to sneak in and enjoy the evil marching music from space, you can just click the following link and check it out. If you do decide to join the Zex Model army I will salute you (while I hide under a pillow)!

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One Response to Zex Model – Disease Of The Joints

  1. HELL1995 says:

    RIP =(

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