David Liebe Hart & Chip The Black Boy – Chopped & Screwed

Artists: David Liebe Hart & Chip The Black Boy
Title: Chopped & Screwed
Keywords: chopped & screwed chopped n screwed comedyelectronic screwed electropunk pop thoed tim & eric Los Angeles

Hello and welcome at yeah I Know it sucks. Today you can read about my listening experience that I had when playing the latest split EP coming from David Liebe Hart & Chip the Black Boy. Both artists are famous enough to be a household name, but if you have no house and have no clue who they are; feel free to google them up.

This split isn’t a normal one (and if you had googled them, this shouldn’t be a total surprise!) in fact it might as well be a abnormal one. It contains original songs by David Liebe Hart & Chip The Black Boy but completely chopped and screwed by music maker, manager, foster parent and super hero Jonah Mociun, AKA Th’ Mole/DJ 0.000001/Jonah Brown – thmole.bandcamp.com.

David Liebe Hart’s newest version of his hit ‘New Technology’ is sounding so modern and technologically new, that it might take a few seconds to adjust yourself to this futuristic future of sound. David’s voice appears in such a way that it must have been processed by the latest technology that isn’t yet circulating around on the market. it made me think that the technology that we here at YIKIS use to listen to music is fairly outdated and isn’t supposed to handle the high tech sounds that this version is so enriched with. In fact even though my ears had been quickly adapted, the office peacetotheEyePhone started to smoke and melt upon attempting to make sense of it all. Luckily I used the 3D printer to print a brand new one in the hope to use it to hear the rest of this EP. It was definitely screwing with my ears and mind…

Unfortunately the new version of one of the most beloved ‘I love nature’ songs of all times (also sung and thought up by David Liebe Hart) was also top notch in modernity. The new phone exploded when trying to play the tune, but I did manage to hear it with the help of a wonky craptop. The favorite song got sexually screwed & chopped like a robot butcher who replaced meat with David Liebe Hart’s song. It wasn’t very long, precisely long enough to get a hint of good vibes and a ultra longing to watch the classic video clip of the original.

Also David’s ‘La Rent doesn’t want me to look at porn’ gets a fun makeover. It’s clear that the modernity of it all becomes less shocking and awkward; This track might bring the right party time to throw up confetti and blow up balloons! It’s here that a chopped up Chip The Black Boy joins the EP, sounding evidentially more at home in the screwy sounds and glitchy madness. His song ‘Father Of The New Dawn’ makes the usual hyper-vibe a step slower, giving way to a soundtrack to dance a devilish salsa on. Chip’s flow can’t be overthrown by modern technology and Jonah Mociun got this track by the ears and pulls it respectfully. Ride it like a pony!

All the way at the end there is a chopped and screwed version of Chip the Black Boy’s ‘Sex Dwarf’. Which got everything right, making a groove that feels irresistible, deep and fanatically moving. In all seriousness you can hear the fun of experiment, the lol of revamping these tunes, but it’s clear to me that I do prefer a screwed Chip The Black Boy over a David Liebe Hart, but I guess we all have our preferences. Which one is your favorite?

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One Response to David Liebe Hart & Chip The Black Boy – Chopped & Screwed

  1. Hvy says:

    …Love Me Some Screwed & Chopped Music Hip Hop On The Southside Are Fire Flamesz!! Love From Toronto Rapper Hvy. This is my screwed and chopped love song Titled ‘’ A!LOUD’’ Made this while going through it with with my situation at the time hope you enjoy the feel of the record its really close to my Heart Thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGc8a7nfqnE
    Dj Moe$ for choppin it down for me!!

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