various artists – Museum of Skin Label Vol. 1

Artist : various artists
Title: Museum of Skin Label  Vol. 1
Keywords: 2017 electronic avant-garde beats clubcompilation deep house experimental futureinstrumental pop progressive windsor ontario Windsor
Link :
Release date : Jan 2017
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

If you’re looking for dark, electronic, experimental house music then you have come to the right place. To be fair I should have typed dark in block capital letters as this is an extremely atmospheric and eerie selection of music. If this compilation was playing in a nightclub, I would be hiding somewhere safe and probably trying to phone my mother to come and get me and take me somewhere safe and bright…and I’m 36!

Museum of skin is a record label from Windsor, Ontario in Canada. When I first saw Windsor I thought perhaps the queen had been given some ecstasy and mushrooms and decided to compose some dark house music but then I saw the Ontario bit and realised that It’s just a kick arse netlabel who appear to be putting out some superb locally based avant-garde electronic beats for the likes of you and I to discover, enjoy and explore our cerebral senses with.

From the moment the opening track starts, you are transcended into their world. A world where daytime is most probably nighttime and.. well, you get the picture. There are some superbly
put together tracks here. High quality production levels and sound quality but ultimately keeping that underground, lo-fi feeling to the music. The vast majority of the tracks are pretty short, around the 2/3 minute mark but you don’t get the feeling you want a longer track, not because the music is excellent but because everything fits so well together, it’s actually like one giant track or a soundtrack even. A soundtrack to a memory you will look back at and grow devil horns instantly.

I always feel a little unfair, singling out a track out of a compilation as could potentially mean that the other tracks are somehow inferior. I can tell you in all sincerity that this isn’t the case here.

1 : Syndrom XI / Unthing – Dark, aggressive, unnerving, heavy beats. Aphex Twin with anger issues.

2 : David Chesley / Switch-Case-Break – Experimental electronica with a beat that is like a game of pong that has been possessed by some S&M badass.

3 : Abraxas Zajner / Patamorphosis – A beautifully crafted, sinister club tune that would be as much at home on a film soundtrack as this compilation.

4 : D-Troy / DatzitM – Darkly menacing, science fiction, electronic doom.

5 : KERO / WUH – Hip Hop for that dude in Hellraiser.

6 : Camcussion / Urban Nightmare – It manages to mix so many different electronic music styles into one seamless track. D&B to some eruoesque, hardcore vibe that really works. It’s a headfuck but in the best possible way. A most beautifully disturbing nightmare.

7 : Martian Scholar / Transylvanian Grattler – A tightly composed piece of electronica that manages to take you on a journey. Like getting in the car with guy everyone has warned you about but you think, fuck it, I’m going, you only live once.

8 : Dial Up / The Spider King of Illusion – Short, well produced, feels too short. Potentially could be a hit or again, could easily fit well into a suitable film score.

9 : Perter Burke / Perfect Dark – Has an eighties vibe to it. Like Depeche Mode if they were on crack instead of Heroin. Really catchy tune with an almost 8 bit vibe to it. Really digging this track!

10 : Outsdr / empty – The love song of the compilation. Could have easily been made by the dark sheep twin of Justin Timberlake.. if he had one that it, but you catch my drift, yo?!

11 : Vincent Van Hogh / Slinky Bounce – Literally does exactly what it says on the tin. Fuzzy, lo-fi, bouncy goodness.

12 : Bride / System (Prod Hoagie Beats) – It’s like someone has mixed Type 0 negative with Dr Dre. You really don’t want to like this track but it’s absolutely fantastic.

13 : Hustle Flesh /GORO PIT – Doom electronica in one swift kick in the winky and a pint full of downers.

14 : Axiom Ronin / Waifu Slayer – Could easily be played in a commercial club or Ibiza dj set list. Still slightly dark in feel but has a really bouncy positive, euro summer vibe to it.

15 : Rocc Del / Scumbag – If hip hop was a double hard bastard with zero conscience and muscles upon muscles and tattoos on his face of everyone he’s broken the arm of then this would still not come close to the badass this fella is.

16 : Alrt_rnr / [figure/0/purge) / Like an eighties hit slowed down and possessed by a camp, evil but adorable spirit. Slightly amusing but in a good way. Could well be my new fav song on the album.

17 : gnat / sun fleck – minimal, experimental noises but not noise. It’s the arty track of the record.

18 : Gia_QS / Figures and startle – A fucked up fairground ride in a bad trip that I once had in Bournemouth kings park fair and now translated into an avant-garde piece of music. Could this be my new fav track?

19 : Hysterical Light / Remembered – Cool eighties style electronic goth track. Really happy vibe to it to be honest. Gary Newman trying to be depressed but has just had some good news.

20: BB / Baby – Soul samples and electronic beats = a supreme (see what I did there?) track of excellence!!

21 : ORACLE_dj / 0038:prod:downer_inc [.spl] – a track of samples and mishmash things going on. Works very well and I do enjoy this kinda thing. It’s been put together well and now I’m thinking is this my new fav track?

22 : Tonewreck / The Sleeper – A really mind-blowing noise track. If noise could be accessible to the masses then this would be the track. Not just noise as you really want to get down and move to it and scream and fuck shit up!

23 : Ethrelite / 0 Post-Battle V.I0 – a whirlwind of electronic beats and sounds in a swift punch out.

24 : Tigerwing / The Woods – The final track and an ambient, electronic, 80’s vibe with some staggered classical qualities to it too. It’s an ideal closing track as kind of sums up the whole album in one song.

I know what you’re all thinking.. What’s your fav track then, Wayne? Well the truth is I don’t have one. each individual track is unique and great in itself. I like them all equally as they are all unique to the artist/s who produced them. It’s a high quality and enjoyable compilation. Would sit equally well played at a party or club as it would in your headphones on the train or in the car. I for one am looking for more releases from Museum of Skin.

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