Sergio Stallone – Saldi

Artist: Sergio Stallone
Title: Saldi (volume uno)
Keywords: unts unts, techno, lobit, acid
Label: 20kbps

Sergio Stallone the stallion picks us all up in a single force of delight, throws us on his back and give us the ride that we all so need! Hold on to its techno-ears, feel the galloping acid shots as he brings instant happiness and danceable glory. Every hoof print is supplying the old school groove, one of base-kicks, high-hats and claps!

Sergio Stallone brings us on a tour of dutiful celebration, one that smells of the good old days, wonderful times and glorious young opportunities. Meeting up with our best friend Molly, dancing with our eyes popping out and our mouths filled up with lollipops. Such a good times we had, have and will be experiencing in the far future thanks to these vibes of Sergio & its netlabel hosting host 20kbps!

If you want energy, no nonsense and the good kind of sickness; this is probably it! Your day will be bright, your pupils large and your tongue dancing around like a pleased snake with slight spasms. Sergo Stallon knows exactly what we need and give exactly what we want with this free acid techno release! Oh yes, Sergio even knew we don’t like to pay for good music, he really reads all our minds at once! Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Sergio Stallone – Saldi

  1. linda says:

    All the best for the next 11.5 months! These disco tracks get me all ready for the next holidays! And inspires me to say a happy “fuck you!” to everyone and everything in the way of getting there 😉

    (thanks for the secret new years party!)

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