Carsten Boer – Toothpick au Gratin

Artist: Carsten Boer
Title: Toothpick au Gratin
Keywords: electronic electronic music trash tearsexperimental techno idm minimal techno tech housetechno Finland
Label: Trash Tears

When listening to Toothpick au Gratin it’s very hard to sit still. You might sit, but still? Ass cheeks will wobble, shoulders shake, toes are feeling it… the music is pure groove, electrifying and fun. I think when this material plays it’s the only honorable thing to do is stop resisting, give in to the sounds and turn yourself into a freakszoid obsessed with danceable wickedness.

Out of respect you should try and come up with a special ‘toothpick dance’, a special move that will honor these groovy works. It is the least you could do as the music is free, the automatic body movements when listening – healthy! Every step is a beneficial benefit to long livery, triggering every bone and muscle in the body as long as the ears are uncovered and the rhythmic pleasures can flow in.

When you are done doing the ‘toothpick’ you should have a good time to go for the ‘milk shake’. This milk shake dance will get even the inside intestines shaking, the acid flavors are simply irresistible. So irresistible that the brain will even break free in the skull and do a stand alone dance performance in the small space that it’s situated. Mysterious music persona Carsten Boer delivers magical dance-minimalism that you just got to play to automatically feel it!

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