Tommaso Busatto – Ultima fase poi basta

Artist: Tommaso Busatto
Title: Ultima fase poi basta
Keywords: alternative electronic ambient dub indipendentindustrial lo-fi noise post-industrial Venice
Label: LATOfragile

The real me lives on the intranet aziendale is such a nicely chilled out rhythmic track. It’s like swinging around in a hammock in timing of the beat, sipping a refreshing cocktail of stimulating minimalism with small intoxicating abilities. I imagine the cocktail to be light blue with a slice of an orange sitting on the edge of the glass; ah, refreshing!

You know what? The music makes me want to stick to the concept of chilling in a hammock with a cocktail style, except with ‘Convivere con le extrasistoli’ I feel more like we should be laying face down as some tropical looking masseur or masseuse (whoever is available) is hitting your back muscles with a rhythmic determination with relaxing abilities. The small rapid hits hint to small but professional massaging hands, while the pleasant sounds that can be felt spreading out all over the body feels like the act of smothering massage oil in the tissue of the skin… what a nice time!

With ‘Extravergine di oliva’ it feels more like we are back to out normal position in the hammock as the masseuse or masseur applies a piece of modern technology to the sides of our head and neck. It’s clear that this massage technique is fairly electric, bringing pulsating pleasant sounding warm shocks to the muscles, making you feel all tingly inside. I don’t know about you but I must say that this place is the best!

Time to move our neck a little and watch some prepared private entertainment. The show on the agenda is named ‘Picchiare i vecchi’ and seem to be some belly dancer heavily affected by the blue cocktails, trying to tip-toe dance on top of a large sawing saw that is being sawn by two helpers on each side. I know that sounds like something impossible, something you have never seen before… but it is miraculous. And trust me it’s just as amazingly mesmerizing for the eyes as that it is for the ears.

After many more blue cocktails a group of tropical party people gather around the hammock. Too lazy to stand up and dance ourself we just let a arm hang out and make it do approving movements. The small group of party people brought minimal lightweight dance music and make a enjoyable petite rave with you in the middle; how nice!

Finally we enjoy the special hammock you-time with ‘Cose che faccio e conseguenze’. The party people now much more sedated, dance slowly and doing a final toast with your for your beneficial health. Together we look at some falling stars and think; life is beautiful!

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