Jan Strach – Rosknrolmusis E . P.

Artist: Jan Strach
Title: Rosknrolmusis E . P.
Keywords: rock casio experimental pop jan strach polandpolish polska post-pop post-punk post-rock retrowaveunderpolen Poznań
Label: Underpolen http://underpolen.blogspot.com/

Hello and welcome. If you are into mumblings about music, you might be at the right address. If you like engaging music that goes wherever the wind of creativity blows; I point the finger towards this little left over work created by Polish legendary music maker, game developer, reviewer and all round intelligent life form; Jan Strach. Let me stop wasting your time and start juggling up some findings of this release to convince you that it will probably please you…

Science-fictional scientists will probably make romances in their laboratories while the first track of this original Jan Strach release plays. It has the dreamy science vibe that recalls glazed eyes in test tubes, fuzzy brains traveling through neurological landscapes of dreams. It’s a fairly interesting sound that feels like someone needs to kiss and make love while it does its thing in order to ‘research’ it all properly. What is love?

Skok ze Skarpy? I have no idea what it means, but it does sound rather lovable. Very cute, like a alien minstrel on a sunny day with a lovable breeze in a summer sun. The alien sings beautiful unearthly tones to extreme passion. It’s a wet and strange sensual alien sexual tension that somehow nestled itself in this part of the release. As if an extraterrestrial has come to earth to sing, beam you up and make mad love to you for months in a row.

The next part of the Jan Strach original gives us another extreme story to bewildered about. The music provides a melange mix of something Arabic, something rock and something straight out of a muppet show movie. Visual wise I would think of a fakir directing a snake with a flute and a long haired weirdo who happens to be his best pall out on the streets…

After that the release goes for a fine jamming vibe, with a slow but engaging rhythm, something that feels like being in the eighties with lots of big poofy haircuts, enormous Hawaiian shirts and Jan Strach and friends making the beach unsafe with their dangerously cool vibes.

The moment that this release sets into a track named ‘Q’ is the time to put your head close to the speakers in order to make your own hair wave into the wind. If you don’t have hair on top of your head you might just think of your eyebrows waving along with the fuzzy guitar windiness. Perfect material to hear after a shower; blowing your head dry without ever the need for a towel.

Jan Strach, being ever so kind, ends this release with a nice relaxed work, something that sounds rarer cute and lovely, with soft piano bits, smooth ambience, dreamy fuzzing guitar bits; creating a final destination to hang your head in and think; gosh this is the music I’ve been waiting for all my life… so chill!

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2 Responses to Jan Strach – Rosknrolmusis E . P.

  1. Linda says:

    This is such a nice release!! I listened to it 5 times and forgot to make a comment….. -.-

    ;D ❤

  2. janstrach says:

    Hi Linda! I’m thrilled and honored. This year’s full length album is in the works! All the best to you and thanks for support!

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