Z-Mon – Creature Walkin’

Artist: Z-Mon
Title: Creature Walkin
Keywords: cgr completely gone recordings electronicexperimental indie instrumental hip-hop josh mccurdyshoegaze z-mon California
Label: Completely Gone Records
Reviewer: Human Z-Mon

Hold on… let me get my camera… yes…
YES! I just caught myself a Z-Mon! I know you probably don’t care about it but I have walked for days while staring through my phone in order to catch them all. It’s been crazy days, weeks, months; I’ve lost track. But I believe I just caught the last Z-Mon available! I realize that it’s a euphoric moment with enormous satisfaction and at the same time grotesque emptiness. What am I going to do next now that I’ve caught them all? Walking around with my head up high, not staring at my phone anymore?

What else is there to catch? Shall I try to find rats? Cockroaches? Go insane and find my sanity back? Shall I pick up my long lasting hobby of knitting sweaters? Grow into a creature with a hunchback and walk around scaring kids? Be some kind of Z-Mon myself so people who got nothing to catch no more can try to find me instead? I can be the Z-Mon creature walking loosely around? The original Z-Mon soundtrack by Z-Mon is splendid companionship for these future strolls. With the dub version I can walk even more dodgy, really making the best of my newly found hobby. You know what? Hunting only one human Z-Mon could be a bit boring… would you perhaps join me and become Z-Mons creatures that walk around too? The more of us the merrier!

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