Hanin Elias – Get it Back

artist: Hanin Elias
title: Get it Back
keywords: electronic diego sagredo electronic lorenzo montana marcel degaz mismerizer mutfak new wave postpunk sindaddy subpop tikahiri ting tiffany vigilante yeti popstar Berlin

Hanin Elias’s ‘get it back’ is like a super punch to the chin to all oppressors, evil goers and enemies. The music slaps around like the best revenge, a battery charger for anyone in need for a power-upper to go and kick some ass or simply get you through your personal mission.

The album gots the energy to blow doors wide open, the beats are blasting determined & hectically, the noises are manically engaging, it’s the material that take you to the front line, jump over barriers and make what is wrong – right!

Hanin’s voice is like poison, takes no nonsense, cuts to the truth; sabotages the established culture of bullshit super stars who show off soulless money-bling and features women as some prop; they all suck and will fade to shame in the presence of intelligence.

Maybe it’s inappropriate to take some time off in the middle of an engaging review, but this all made me think of these modern day heroes like Vanessa Beeley who went to Syria as a independent reporter when no western journalist was on the ground. while the west was reporting pre-scripted propaganda, she bravely risked her life for the truth, things she seen with her own eyes, unbiased and passionately. She still has to fight every day with her heart against the payed zombies, trolls and other war mongering psychopaths who only worship money & couldn’t care less about human lives or reality.

Or Eva Bartlett, the Independent Canadian reporter who also is brave enough to go and see for herself what is really going on in Syria. She reported her honest findings even though it swims against the stream of the narratives from the wests mainstream media… the expression of it taking balls to do something like that can go straight into the bin, as it takes brains, love, passion and courage!

Somehow I imagine this album being the fire and the flames for anyone who needs that bit of bravery that these women have, to stop sitting behind their desk, spooning up whatever the television feeds them  & go out for themselves in order to find truth themselves and share & defend their findings independently & in the good pretense to hopefully make a difference. It might just be the push in the back to bring out your inner power and grow some brains and guts!

It’s sad, but one of my favorite Hanin Elias songs ‘Future Noir’ (gosh I played that tune so much that I can probably dream up every word…) is unfortunately as relevant today as when it first came out. It makes my hair stand up, it doesn’t just tell the harsh truth of reality today but also offers solutions. People who think for themselves, woke up from their prisons of propaganda, break the spell, become the dragon to resist this bleak future run by psychos. Don’t believe nothing, do your own research, shrug off the claws of the brainwash machine!

‘I Want You’ is a love the love song, a duet that music wise marries my earlier thoughts of Syria with the slight desert-roots, it is a sensual desire that could perhaps suggest a love between peoples but somehow the song with its Arabian vibe feels more like a all loving love for a specific part of the Middle East.

The album sharply cuts on with ‘money’ in which it feels as Hanin imagines herself into the mind of the psychopaths who destroy the world. The thoughts are terrifying, love is not for sale but money is all that they want or care for. Forget world peace – there is no profit to make with that concept; money is all that there’s lunatics want. Funny thing is that after being banned nonstop from every go find me page for not being with the establishment – Hanin Elias, actually ask for your financial support to help the people in Syria. She has Syrian roots, growing up there and family still holding strong onto their grounds. She has been personally collecting money to send to Syria but got blocked from PayPall cause only money supporting terrorists by governments is probably allowed, not her sending money for kids to play sports and buy some descent foods…

It’s a long story, but this whole review was a bit of a decoy to come to this point and let you know that this is the only fundraiser campaigner that you can trust. Hanin will go herself (she has been last year too) to Syria and will give all the money collected to the Syrian families in need on the ground. You got to respect that and I beg you if you can afford to give away some money please donate it to her for this cause.


Hanin Elias her space ship is ready…

So don’t give it blindly to terrorists like the ‘white helmets’ but give to someone who goes there personally who does want peace… and if you know Hanin her music throughout her career you know she ain’t bullshitting you; her words are just as her actions; honest, smart as she put her mouth where her heart is. She is one of these artists who use their medium to engage in truth, no egos or manufactured agendas.. so please if you can, please donate to this cause over here:

With people like her, burning for goodness and destroying the greedy sickos we can really change things, not like fake presidential promises or burning limousines because George Soros paid you too; but actual action! This album is the oil on the fire, the high heel slicing the capitalistic throat, the wild power that cannot be contained, something that comes from the inside and will never ever sell out! Get yourself ready and start a riot by using your own brain, mind and liberation; let this music be your source to get the best out of you!
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