Harsh Noise Movement – Death Valley Jazz

Artist: Harsh Noise Movement
Title: Death Valley Jazz
Keywords: experimental free improvisation free jazzharsh noise harsh noise wall harshnoise wallhnw noise

When I heard this album I was getting severely enthusiastic again as this ob contains genre-breaking tracks that will probably amaze you. Think serious jazz, lounge avant-garde with actual melodies and soulfulness with harsh Noise moments.. I can’t think of anyone who have brought these kind of worlds together & the results are something that could bring jazz lovers and noise fans together…let me describe you the tracks included:

A walk amongst the damned’ is the kind of walk that feels like it could only be done with a limp leg, maybe boozed up, walking sideways over the graveyard of former jazz musicians. Music wise it’s as eccentric as a lama’s ass on the dinner table. The strangeness of vibrant weirdo jazz that slowly meets up with odd noises are such a never-heard-before-combo that it made me pretty much thrilled from originality.

Death Valley is another cat in the bag of ‘you-got-to-hear-&-feel-it-to-believe-it tracks. First it’s served in a weird avant-garde story telling way, half drunkenly played with crashes to lick your eyeballs for. But when the noises drop in the track becomes very awesome, like a marvelous crazy sandstorm in the mind of a eccentric jazz player in the middle of an epic meltdown. There are not enough words available to say how awesome this is!

Death rides a unicycle’ has also enough crashes to feel like you are at some avant-garde jazz show. However it also comes with a lonely eerie melody that feels so like you should encounter it in a seventies trash movie. Movies like ‘Don’t look into the basement’ or ‘nightmare in Seattle’ (the last one I just made up…) these themes gets a nice young round of being roughed up by cute screeching harsh Noise. It’s so weird this combination of avant-garde and noise that it makes both my thumps doing a automatic thumps up.

The Enlightenment’ throws in a spiritual connection to the album, we can hear some (probably) wise person mumbling some magical prayers, slow strings and high-hats open the way of more unidentifiable noises. It is really weird as for sone sadistic reason I had expected that the s track would end up in terrible terrifying harsh Noise but it surprised by just keeping it nice and gentle; don’t F with spirituality!

The next track is ‘night parade’ which comes across lonely and waving the nightly mood in a romantic way. Real music that sounds like its made by blowing air through a oboe is what I’m talking about. But there is also so drumming and noise to wake you up and keep you on the edge of entertainment.

‘Dream Sequence’ is up next, growling in a bit of a grumpy mood. It is here that I once again feel like the artist is discovering untouched new territory. The music gets a asking feeling while harsh cruel noise lays down a firm crunchy layer. I can only say that this is opening doors for harsh Noise to be played at avant-garde jazz shows & avant-garde jazz being booked at harsh Noise nights. ‘Rise of the Summertime’ flies in a similar direction, mixing a sweet and lovely played melody on repeat with a hot bed of brain damaging loudness.

After that it’s some time off with a pair of drums that apparently drum to call upon a storm. The title is more scary than the actual content which also surprisingly moved into a reprise of enlightenment which is also very polite and kind sounding. Somehow this release shreds off all boundaries by doing something unexpected. All the way at the end the album goes for one more lengthy lounge jazz vibe, something you would probably expected the least of Harsh Noise Movement but you got to respect it; its in fact really good! Besides true fans won’t be disappointed as when you least expect it all hell will break loose! This must be the most groundbreaking & shaking release of 2017! Highly recommended!

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