The Das Kaput – Puts It All Out There

Artist: The Das Kaput
Title; Puts It All Out There
Keywords: electronic know your rights this is not normalelectro electropop post-punk post-rock resistanceBethlehem

The Das Kaput is Jimmy Kaput & Ivana Kaput, they sound as if they are from the past landed in the future that is now. Right on time to sit on the front row for the promised apocalypse. Let me chat about the tracks while we are at it… it’s gonna be huge!

The New Regime’ gets nicely thrown in with instant hyper sleekness, quirky beats, funky music with poppy synth and spicy guitar mentalism. The singing is being done by a robot and human interaction, asking how do you like ‘me’ now? The New Regime sounds so convenient for this time of the year with the orange man sworn into the White House. Words get dropped like ‘tiny hands’ and ‘loser’ and the place gets newly redecorated, what was once was marble is now being pimped up with a layer of urine-gold.

Like A Magnet’ keeps the upbeat apocalyptic future vibes rolling with nice grooves, underlying dark growling bass, sweet mellowness on top and singing ‘like a magnet’ on repeat in a style that is wet and sharp. Not so sure if the magnet theme is a metaphor of something, but let’s say that this tune is nice enough that it makes you wish the tune and your ears are like a pair of magnets, hopelessly attracted to each other. It’s electronic rock music for happy cyber people and probably ‘you’ and ‘me’.

Ain’t Whistling Dixie’ is the next step in the operation of Jimmy Kaput & Ivana Kaput. They take up a desirable notch up, swinging us into space for a stoner robot friendly track with lots of electronic dubbed vibes to function as plasters for upcoming hurricanes and earthquakes. The future they sketch might not be bright, but at least there is good music when the earth ends.

TDKTS Prelude is probably referring to the next The Das Kaput Theme Song, setting the trend with an atmospheric militarism, something that is rhythmic & shimmering, still very sci-fi. It makes me feel as if the Kaput duo have emulated them selves into half machine half human -humanoids- in order to convey this kind of tripping far ahead of time future music.

At the end, the promised, ‘The Das Kaput Theme’ which does some quality brand branding, burning the project’s name in a German accent with nice synthesis and mechanic structure that feels like we are back in 1987 with the underground filled with electronic projects that had something to say, beamed up into the future to stand out and bring themselves and their music to the upper crust of the surface. The music gets hypnotic, probably making sure to go under neath the skin to be forever remembered.

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