No Peafowls / comingforever – Split

Artist : No Peafowls / comingforever
Title : Split
Label : Cuerpo
Release : November 2016
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

Here at Yeah I Know It Sucks, we get quite a few review requests from the good folk of Mexico and each release never fails to surprise me. Some fantastic and vibrant artists are seeping up through the underground scenes of this fine country and all various streams of musical styles.

That leads me seamlessly (cough) to this ‘ere release. Out now on Cuerpo Records through digital download via their bandcamp site. There, that’s the sale spiel outa the way so now on to the music.

No Peafowls kicks of proceedings with a track entitles ‘Purpose.’ If I am to take the title literally (and being English that’s kinda what we do) then the purpose of this track is conjure up instant darkness but not fear. Deep altered vocals send vibrations from the ear drums right down to you beating heart, though I suspect the guy who sung it quite possibly doesn’t poses a beating heart as the undead springs to mind when listening to this vocal. There’s rumbling and spacey effects throughout the track and all held together with some customary classic rock drumming. This however is no classic rock track. Classic black metal, maybe? Definitely a retro sound and I strangely envisage some guys on the front cover in studded leather vest and pants, holding up a faux medieval sword and freshly prepared mullet but, that’s probably just how my mind works..

Comingforever bestows us with the next track, which sports the title ‘Svarte Natten’ Don’t quote me on this but I think svarte means black in Swedish and I’m going take a stab in the dark and guess that Natten means Night. Please feel free to correct me and call me a bell end, if I’m wrong. This is classic double bass drumming, black metal, cheesy goodness. It doesn’t make you feel intimidated but smile. There’s some really competent playing here. It’s a good track, quite catchy for black metal. I genuinely never know how to take this genre of music. Is it deadly serious or tongue in cheek? To my ears I can appreciate the musicality of the playing and tightly honed craft of playing that tightly and the stamina needed for the speed involved. I’ll leave the serious or tongue in cheek question for you the listener to answer as it is after all, subjective.

No Peafowls is next with a heavy arsed track entitled ‘Eye’ This has some heavy fuzz guitar playing going on with a riff composed to take your eye out! Superb double bass drumming albeit with a basic beat but that is exactly what this type of music needs. It’s short and to the point and leaves your heart racing and wanting more but also glad there isn’t any more as 3 minutes is the perfect length for such a butt kicking song.

To finish we have Comingforever with the song ‘Eradicate’ That is a cool word so bonus points for that. Satanic vocals that remind me of a cradle of filth vibe but with an almost pop riff. I don’t mean pop, like Prince but in the sense that it has a riff more accustomed to a commercial rock track. That is no bad thing and really works with the vocals. I think that it even makes the track come across more serious and less cheesy, which is alas something black metal can do too well and too often. This however is not one of those cheesy tracks. It’s good and surprisingly listenable. I mean that kindly too, in the sense that it has a broader appeal that just the black metal scene.

To sum it up I think if you’re a fan of this style of music then you will love this record and it’s well worth the download. If, like me you’re not sure about this music then I would still recommend opening your ears and mind to it as you may just end up tapping your feet, banging your head and singing an octave lower in future.

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