zheimeer – nineteen twenty

Artist: zheimeer
Title: nineteen twenty
Keywords: Drone / Experimental / Other
Label: Sirona-Records www.sirona-records.com

The last and brand new release on the greatest netlabel of free music is ‘nineteen twenty’ by zheimeer. It’s one that I listened in the early morning with a couple of birds chatting my ears off. I mean real birds, the one with feathers and beaks. They seemed unaware of the music, or just didn’t seem really bothered as they clearly had no sense of shutting up.

The music however I felt was the perfect music to wake up with, something that should be adored in silence and not with birds singing disturbingly away. However I did try to focus, and trust me; its highly recommended to put up the volume to the maximum as if the place isn’t decorated in silence, you might have actual trouble hearing the whole show.

There are loud moments you will certainly not miss, strange moving almost panically haunting ones, funny cut up words (did a person just say ‘man-hole’?, but also some sounds recordings that feel like the artist has been reimagining a swamp with its natural creatures all with its mouth as the instrument. A good impression of some seagulls is included; something that obviously pleased the birds that had been listening along with me… next to some British documental voices the sound session predominantly consist of sound that needs your ultimate focus or you might miss it.

These drones are sounding so very deep, it really feels like you need to spice up your bass receiving frequencies to really make the most out of it. Even when I said ‘screw those birds’ and went from speaker to a headphone listening session (how selfish could a person be?) I really needed to put both hands on either side of the headphones in order to press it down my ears to fully hear the depth.

Halfway zheimeer inserts a electric clicking rhythm and makes the album sounding more engaging to even persons whose ears aren’t great on receiving lower frequencies. The sounds here feel like a experimental parrot along with some old fashioned stories of ‘how to speak English’ nicely screwed to funny extend. 

It was here that I’ve unplugged the headphones once again and shared the left over album with the birds once again. And believe me or not, with a tiny interference they mostly kept silent while they hopped on their tiny feet curiously, as if they finally unplugged their tiny ears and showed the music the attention that it so much deserved.

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