Liam Nixon – Heaven in Hell

Artist: Liam Nixon
Title: Heaven in Hell
Keywords: lobit, ambient, drone, ambient-drone
Label: Sirona-Records

If there is a heaven and a hell, I presume that the first track on this album might be the one that ‘they’ play up ‘there’ above the clouds. The music kindly nibbles in the front before it full out spreads the spell bounding sound of lobit peace and harmony. To me it feels as a big relief knowing that this music is out there, just in case I will never make it into heaven, at least the ‘music’ has reached my ears already. So wonderful!

After this there is a lot of mumbling, they are words but somehow they become more percussive than actual words with a meaning. It must be the magic of lobit encoding, giving it the muffled edge that makes the meaning of words disappear and make all sounds equal. But when there is a nice tone popping up I felt it like a relief; no more worry about rhythm and words but the smooth sound to collide over and forget everything.

So with a blank mind of pure forgetfulness we can step in all safety into the bear trap storage( the next track) and in all honesty I personally wouldn’t mind to step into a collection of bear traps if it was all lobit goodness like this.

Next up is a more humbling sensation, something that bubbles in coolness like the content of a freshly opened can of lemonade sweetly sliding down the throat. Going into deep depths in which no ears are hanging out to receive any audio content. That’s where the last part of this release comes in, providing sound that makes you want to grow some ears in the inside of your body for, just to be able to receive it through multiple ways. In any case this free downloadable release is clearly more heaven than hell!

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