Marlo Eggplant – Callosity

Artist : Marlo Eggplant
Title : Callosity
Label : Fractal Meat Cuts
Released : Dec 2016
Keywords: experimental autoharp contact mics droneelectronic music improv sound art sound performancesound poetry tone landscapes London
Reviewer: Wayne Rex

First and foremost, Marlo Eggplant is a great name though DeLara is the artist actual name and in itself pretty damn cool. This gentle woman hails from Baltimore, USA but is currently living in the UK whilst studying for his PhD in Cultural Studies at Leeds Uni. How do I know all this, you ask?? Well it’s all written down on his bandcamp page for this release. See, I’m not just an average face, I’m a poor journalist too.

Callosity is an album of glorious, textured landscapes of sound. At times meditative in feel and each track as mesmerising and atmospheric as the next. If you were to put a label on it, it would come under the category of Noise / Drone but this to me is so much more. It’s a painting using sound and feel instead of oils and acrylic. It’s a novel with no writing just the scattering and chattering of various well put together and sounds that to the listener are like electric currents connected from Eggplant’s brain directly into a whole host of noise producing instruments and gadgets. I could go on but I’m sure that you get the idea by now?!

From the very first track you are being taken on a journey through the feelings, the mind, body and soul of Marlo. It’s a psychedelic experience and at times a life affirming experience too. You really do want to listen to this in a room, alone and wearing headphones and have zero disturbances to get the full experience of ‘Callosity.’

Soundscapes are not always everyone’s cuppa tea but when done right they really are a piece of joy in time. Callosity provides some very eerie noises and sounds and I would love to know what she was using with a contact mic to produce these. The whole piece could easily be worked into a film as it’s soundtrack but that would not be doing it justice as the visual and narrative of the film could not possibly match what she has created here. This doesn’t need anything else as it has carefully and meticulously been composed to make the listeners brain translate what they are hearing into their own escapism through the mind. I do hope that makes sense? I haven’t been smoking anything stronger than my blueberry vape so really is just my enthusiasm for the music I have just listened to and listening to as I write this.

I should also mention a rather decent piece of album artwork that was done by Martin Paul Wright and in my view at least suits the music it’s accompanying. This has been released on the Fractal Meat Cuts label which is run by another soundscape artist and dj, Mr Graham Dunning and it’s a more than worthy addition to the labels roster and I for one am excited to hear his next release.

Download now at the Fractal Meat Cuts bandcamp page and also it is available to purchase on a limited edition tape. Whatever your preferred choice of media, you will indeed thoroughly enjoy this recording.

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  1. thanks again for your review. i like the way you write and glad you dug it!

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