Matteo Lama – Circle of Joy

Artist: Matteo Lama
title: Circle of Joy
keywords: Celtic music / pop / instrumental

Matteo Lama, a grand name that makes me personally think of weather and the animal named the ‘lama’. It’s nice this affection attached to this artist’s name as whatever you say, Matteo Lama came in to great surprise, totally unexpected like the weather or evidentially the action of a spitting lama. (You just never know when he is gonna do it!)

But this is no bad weather or being spat on by an animal that has a reputation, but actual excitement from actual music: Material with a violin, a beat, a vibe. It took me away to green hills, a landscape with big loving valleys and probably a lot of happy rabbits living there. It is a sunny place, but not like a environment that the Teletubbies are known to live in but more Irish, folkish, with minstrels playing folklore and people with long legs dancing happily in the grass. Somehow I expect lots of happy natural animals hopping around when hearing this material…

I know this might already probably excite you, but let me tell you that Matteo Lama’s music captured in his so called ‘circle of joy’ collection is much more than folk-sunshine happiness of life and rabbits dancing along the long legged humans; the appetizing music also comes with a fine modern coat, making it the kind of thing that feels to me like something that would launch tradition into the lives of a newer generation. A generation who prefers electronically programmed drums above a drummer who might get a little wonky and dusty; (some drummers are alcoholics…) Matteo Lama gives it straight edge like a straight-forward unexpected rainbow after a day of full-on drama (which rhymes with ‘Lama’)…. here is a link:

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