Redundant Nature – The Presage

artist: Redundant Nature
title: The Presage
keywords: dubstep & electronic electronic industrial industrial metal industrial rock orchestrated experimental electronic Austin

The first impression of The Presage is of an electronic radioactive wasteland, one in which all had gone to shits but electronic machines and half humanoids are still alive and well, refusing to follow the lead of all that once lived and now clearly died.

Than the new creatures storm in, not all is lost apparently, but these aren’t human but some kind of hybrids of robot-men. Fully integrated electronic machinery with left over human flesh, stepping through the carnage with their shiny mechanisms to destroy what once was beautiful and full of nature.

The mechanic half human army march through these scenes with unbearable boots, firmly on the ground untouched by poisonous air and intoxicating chemicals. With wild blood & oil pressure they explore their inner industrialist by expressing themselves out-worthy. Their rusty voices can be heard, they sound dry and technical; as if there was once a human inside that really needs to drink a brandy.

The sounds of electric guitars spray paint the scenes with something strong and bold, militant drums forcibly drum the rhythm of their movement; it’s really dystopian. Might this be the music of the new rulers that would room the earth after the total melt down and someone falling over the ‘go button’ to launch a worldwide campaign of nuclear droplets?

Steven Canham (the person behind this project) has certainly captured the vibe of such a nightmare. A nightmare it might be, but we should thank him for making it possible to hear (and imagine) how the planet could be inhabited with robo-cops borg-like creatures that aren’t bound to fail when all is no more. Let’s hope this release functions as a warning what the future could bring or indeed the perfect soundtrack for when such destruction really happens. Listen to The Presage over at the following link: (resistance is futile…)

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