Interbella – Amuse

Artist: Interbella
Title: Amuse
Label : Self Release
Release Date : Jan 2017
Keywords:electronic hip-hop jazz experimental experimental rock film music New York
reviewer: Wayne Rex

Link :

Roll up, Roll up, good people of the internet. You want heavy beats? You want experimentation? You want some hip-hop dope shit? oh, and some 70’s styles jazz soundtrack on top? Well then step right up this way for the record of all records!

Interbella is an alias for one half of the most excellent duo the Famous Breathers from New York. Breaking away with his own unique style of dusky hip-hop inspired music. Remember when you had cool bands like A Tribe Called Quest, who took their influences for many different genres of music from jazz to reggae and it worked so well and was so inspiring? Well we can safely say we now proudly have another artist like this. You’ll find a collection of styles in this record ranging from rock to jazz and everything in between. All expertly crafted into a sound unique to the artist and listener alike. That’s a hard job to take and include influences in your music without ending up sounding like a rip off but Interbella does this with grace and majesty.

There’s definitely a dark sometime surreal vibe running through this record. Not one for liking to make comparisons but reminds me of a David Lynch movie but instead of a movie it’s a piece of music.

Being a drummer myself I can honestly say that Interbella uses some of the most bass driven, hard arsed, beats you could imagine and not once do they distort or not work well with the song. Nothing excessive here or put in for the sake of it. Just well produced and thought out music.

1: To kick things off, Interbella starts proceedings with a track called ‘Fairness’ and kick thing off it does. With the bass replacing your heart beat for the length of the song. Great Hip-Hop track and some experimental noises for good measure. Almost train like horn going on with spooky undertones. Get off your arses and shake it on down (Ok, okay, I will stop trying to sound cool with my urban speak)

2: Second we have a track that could have been named after me ‘Bozo’ (self deprivation is very in this year) With it’s jazzy breakbeats, light and funky hi hat action and some 70’s organ action, you can’t help but be in for a treat. This has a vibe of early Portishead only a little brighter in musical colour and vibe. It’s a cool track and I just need a cabriolet and the open road and this baby is on repeat.

3: ‘Clownivore’ is the third track. Don’t even know where to start with this. It’s like a scary, trippy, fairground ride that has been possessed by clowns tripping out on acid and baying for blood. It’s a really evocative piece. A break away from the hip hop and more of a staggered and deranged army drum march sending your brain round the twist. A really bracing track and not to be listened to if you have a heart condition.

4: ‘Carnivorous’ in at four. This is a particular favourite of mine. Still has the demented theme park ride, carnival vibe to it but with some fat bass drum orientated beats and some atmospheric, dreamy breaks. This is ride I want to take over and over again. It’s creepy but in a happy way. I could see someone adopting this song and performing a really nice and inspired exploratory dance routine to this. Until then, just enjoy the best carnival ride in town!

5: At five is a track named ‘Notagame’ Here we have a retro 90’s dark hip hop affair. Has a 16bit quality to it but obviously in hi fidelity. If I were a superhero, fighting crime and saving dames then I’d want this as my soundtrack! This track grows muscles and testosterone (I’m not a doctor or scientist and this fact hasn’t been tested so if it doesn’t please do not sue me)

6: Best title on the album is right here ‘Human Pretzel’ I’ve seen human centipede and that wasn’t particularly a pleasant watch so I’m hoping that Human Pretzel is more accommodating. It certainly doesn’t disappoint either. Sparse sound breaks and loose but robotic drums sound amazing. Like the robot has got a short circuit and become some drum maestro. It includes all the salty goodness one might expect from a pretzel so I’m not complaining there. The long ambience breaks in between the beats really works for me.

7: If Moby could still produce a good track then this would be it! ‘Fairocity’ is blindingly good. You just want to play it over an dover. It’s the feel good track of the album. The superb beat and heavenly keyboard sounds just make you smile and feel like a rapturous overwhelming need to smile and know that everything will be alright in the end. THIS SHOULD BE A HIT!!!

8: ‘Sneaker’ sneaking in at track eight is the polar opposite to Fairocity. Ambient textures floating around with a definitive beat, marching it on like a Sgt major marching the wind to the lake for some beautiful pagan spiritual ritual in the bleak moors of the Peak District. I’m digging the minimalism here.

9: ‘Exotix’ kicks straight in with some floaty, jazz inspired break beats. Pulsating hard in the background but never intrusive to any other parts of the songs construction. Eerie, ghostly church noises fly around your speakers along with what sounds like a laughing church organ after some hooligan poured too many bottle of church wine down it’s pipes and it’s ready to party.. or kill someone.

10: The final song on this great record is ‘Could’ve had a V8’ I could have had a V8 too but I drive a Suzuki Alto.. don’t judge.. Roaring engine noises and psychedelic drone, rumbling, earthly noises and a Skippy trippy hip hop beat. It’s like a recipe book for Christine!

To sum this record up it’s for me a contender for independent Album of 2017 award, assuming there is one, if there isn’t then there should be and this should win hands down. Everyone do yourself a massive favour and download this record. You’ll soon have a new favourite band and you can thank me all later.

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