Lockbox – DARK TRASH

Artist: Lockbox
Keywords: electronic beam experimental teen dream lockboxprince soul grenade Boulder

Got to love to poke away in the dark trash, step into left over cornflake boxes and use them as fancy shoes, throw a bin bag’s content over your head and wear it proudly as a wig; it’s best to become one with the trash if you truly want to enjoy the trash. on your biggest trash. Music is another person’s trash too and sometimes it’s rather groovy to put on a nose clamp ad jump right in.

Don’t let people’s opinions fool you, being one with the trash is as modern and sneaky as aliens in space showing off their unearthly coolness. Besides what is trash? It’s all about opinion and perspective; what someone throws away as to believe it is useless another person would wear proudly, eat it, smell it or delightfully dances to it.

So let me tell you about Lockbox, an artist whose box should be unlocked as so its audio trash could be revealed and enjoyed. It’s pure recycling, throw away drum loops, thrashed rhythms, speedcore snippets to get your face trashed, second hand left overs, newly bits made out of older shits; anything trashy and banging goes… Who cares where it all had come from; it’s perfect to embrace when you are the trash-can head who loves to roll in piles of other people’s dirt and move your arms and legs like true appreciators.

That’s the thing with this dark trash, the more you go into it the better the trash becomes. Less light, more full, like moving from a mini trash can at a office to the big skip with lots of material to bang your head with. Let’s hop in and be one with it:

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