Luna Arakawa – glowing and growing in the dark

Artist: Luna Arakawa
Title: glowing and growing in the dark
Keywords: experimental abstract ambient ambient electronicavant-garde dream pop dub electronic experimental electronic indie electro loops shoegaze soundscapeToronto

Bless Glowing and growing in the dark by Luna Arakawa, it has this magical effect to calm down my terrified doggy friend. Today it’s Chinese New Year and here it gets celebrated with banging firecrackers and a long session of banging drums with acrobats dressed in a dragon costume. It’s probably lot of fun this tradition but my doggy friend had super sensitive ears and these loud banging sounds terrify him.

I wanted to help him by blasting silence to silence the noise, but apparently blasting nothing on the highest volume didn’t really help; the drums and fire crackers still went through freaking my doggy out. If he had hands he probably would have placed them tightly over his ears. What could I do to help my doggy friend?

That’s where this release by Luna came in, it might have not been silence but the small little loopy sparkles of friendliness had this super calming effect on him. I played it loud and even though the fire crackers and drums mixed themselves in, he didn’t seem to be scared anymore. Crawling up on my lap and relaxing his tight muscles with the help of this glowing lovely set of music miracles.

This might have saved my little doggy friend with the sensitive ears through personal noise hell, but I’m sure it could be applied to all kinds of people and animals. This is like an audio medicine to tune in at times when you need something cheerful and lovely to hook up with. Thank you Luna for helping my doggy friend get safely through the day!

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One Response to Luna Arakawa – glowing and growing in the dark

  1. linda says:

    It’s a rare occurrence to have a dog being comforted by a cat. This blog keeps surprising me time after time… 🙂

    Hope the dog(gies?) are well and everything is back to its nice peace and quiet 😀

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