HS – Hierarchy Sucks


artist: HS
title: Hierarchy Sucks
label : Paris Rave Arena – http://pariszombie.blogspot.fr/p/paris-rave-arena.html
release date : 01/16/17
keywords:electronic, Belgium
reviewer: Caffeinate

Oh snap. We are back. And. At. Em.

Today, we are going to dive, stomach first, into the world of Hierarchy and how it all sucks. How apropos that this site does a review! Because well yeah, I know it sucks.

Mmm, mmmm, that bass and those blips it’s so nice. Oh fuck, here come the kick drum, as if kicking the rear ends of those that hold all the cards out into the nether realm (not to be confused with the Nether Realm featured in Mortal Kombat lore). It’s groovy, it’s metallic, it’s got all these sehr gut vibes. I am of course speaking about the track 667.

Don’t worry, I didn’t pull a fast one over you and start in reverse order. That would have been unfair to you, the reader, and truth be told, I care about you very deeply. In fact as we are letting these dark tones infect and spread into our brain courtesy of HS, let’s focus on you for a moment.

How are you? Are you having a good day? I hope so. If not, know it will get better. Eventually. I guess we can move this towards a much broader and therefore not specific message of yes, things are going to be shit but we shall persevere, we shall grow and we will be all the better for it.

Or not. What the hell do I know?

I’m seriously digging the synth choices with the lead and this bass. This ethereal metal ghost dude in the background is a nice touch as well. I can’t help but imagine cruising around late at night, to hack into some phone line, to take down the evil ruler agenda. Ya know, cyberpunk settings and such. I’ve seen a lot of conversations about it making a comeback in music etc. Who knows? The climate for it is certainly here.

What? 8 minutes have gone by already? NO WAY!

Oh lordy. This high teasing synth creeps up on us, while this raspier voice says some things. I only really heard no. I’m assuming mother? I’m just gonna let the music play and figure this out later. Ho fuck. HS also has a good suit towards the percussive rhythms. *bump* *bump* *bump* with some slick scratches with some minimal bass and a return of our metal ghost friend(this is what I have named the voice, take it or leave it). This one is titled M0M by the way.

This one is definitely more minimal and ambient, which is just fine. Takes us on a whole other journey. Oh my. That quick sweep pad warning of bad things to come. This track is a whole lot more desolate, more like, we’re living in the cooked up crap fantasy world, rather than appreciating it as a story. Slight feelings of desperation and a return to our slick drum beat. With this we continue on the same path. A good one it is.

With that, it draws to a close. Pick up your copy here:



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4 Responses to HS – Hierarchy Sucks

  1. linda says:

    I think it’s a classic example of a cover-art & content mismatch. From the cover I’d expect some terrorshit telling us how doomed the world is. While I wholeheartedly agree with the review that the music is a very pleasant driving-in-the-dark track. That feeling that the world is all yours, nobody telling you what to do and what not to do. A total lack of top-hierarchy idiots, nobody there.
    Me likes 🙂

    • Hell Seb says:

      Hello Linda, thank you for listening, for the artwork, wow, I love your review, I did not perceive it in this way, it is a new label that established and created this It is true that what emerges from the music reflects only me against me and not me against the world. Thank you again Linda for taking the time to react with this comment that is really deep, I take pleasure in taking time also now, peace and friendship, HS

      • Linda says:

        HI Hell Seb,
        I cannot say that my comment is really deep, as I’m not a very good thinker and often just react from first thoughts/feelings. Just listened to the #2 album of the new label and think it is also a very nice 🙂 Love keeping an eye on your releases 😀 cheers! (or santé boum! as concluded from the label art, keep on raving)

  2. Hell Seb says:

    Hi Linda,
    I had not seen this new release, great, thanks a lot for the following 😉 à bientôt 😉

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