Transpiler – Transpiler EP

Artist: Transpiler
Title: Transpiler EP
Keywords: experimental ligeti rock ambient casioelectroacoustic experimental improvisation minimalnoise saxed shoegaze stockhausen Cambridge

When there is lack of time and you need an instant sensual romantic mood to make quick love, you might want to tune into the Transpiler EP. It has the renowned ‘always a winner’ sexy saxophone sound, vibrant low key Casio keyboard sparkles that not only instantly sets the mood, it also guides participants through the different parts of the so called sexual session.

At first it’s a romantic setting, which quickly becomes the soundtrack for a ‘quickie’ and will finalize the deal with clicks between wine glasses and an easy going end that gives space for the moment of ‘partners’ satisfyingly smoking a flamboyant cigarette.

The next part of the EP will be taking a different road, something more for the night in which you have 10 minutes longer to spend and you actually love the person you are with. It’s a more easy going session, still enough rhythm and action for sexual activities, something which clearly is suggested within the sexy musical rhythm section. But aside from the rhythmic sounds the music is perfect for cuddling, holding onto each other while going for an orgasmic music (and if lucky) body experience.

‘Lost in Coney Island’ is a satisfying music trip played out by psychologically thrilling musicians whose Transpiler EP should be kept close at hand in the bedroom as a perfect mood enhancer. Music clearly made and played with love that will not only satisfy you or your partner, but it also comes with a happy ending.

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One Response to Transpiler – Transpiler EP

  1. Ya says:

    Wow this is dank

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