Burial Weavings – The Hyvmind Mixes

Artist: Burial Weavings
Title: The Hyvmind Mixes
Keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw harsh noise wallminimal London

Hi there and welcome at the findings of another intensive listening session. This time I had send in a volunteer to listen to these Hyvmind Mixes of Burial Weavings; the volunteer didn’t come back meaning that all life had been drained out of this human being, or perhaps the person enjoyed it so much that contact with anything else would be unfavorable… I don’t truly know; there might be the possibility that the individual had simply been abducted by aliens.

I’ve also send in a colony of ants into the listening room and they all came out parading in a disorderly way. It was my new year’s resolution not to torture my ears in sacrificial reviewers style for this horrendous blog, but there you have it; I went in and listened to the whole set by myself on a reasonable volume. Yes, feel free to applaud that.

I don’t get what happens to the troop of ants as to me this ‘music’ comes across very orderly. The first 15 minute mix was like a set of repeated flashbacks of me trying to go through the rim-boo with leaves and branches slapping my facial features. It’s like Greek massage in which men hit each other with stinging nettles: its painful perhaps for a first timer, but it’s soothing and pretty zen for a long time visiting fan.

But see the first mix as a appetitive as there is so much more. The second one for example (see how orderly it all is?) is a little bit more grungier, like the masseuse turns the knob a little bit more towards the ‘let’s get fried’ zone. It’s a real process as once you are all spaced out and used to the more edgier side, mix number 3 will pop in for a harsher scrubbing. The sound is more aggressive, as if it wants to scrub of the dirt from under your feet until actual bones might get viewable. The sheer lengths of these mixes make them a challenge; I feel that you really have to do some kind of yoga or meditation acts while these mixes do their thing; if you can breath in and out calmly without going into a frenzy, you might be the new Gandhi.

Mix 4 came to me as a more relaxed moment, a bit of a reward from the previous session of heavy scrubbing. It’s not that the mix is soft or less bold, it’s just more deeper ‘underground’ – more rumbling in the belly… something that mix II, vol 1 is pissing all away with its louder screeching sound that feels more like a ever evolving fire in which we as listeners sit and burn up in. This session here seems to be much more hands on and moving; it does help to trigger the imagination into thinking bizarre things. To me it came with a whole carnage of inner demons who all throw more burning thoughts on the flames; how nice of them!

Its a long session in which you can’t really relax as there might be evil things lurking around; like aesthetics, industrial sounds and terrifying non existing make believe monsters. It is here that I started to understand the group of ants and their erratic behavior, but I also felt more and more worried about the volunteer; how could I have send this person in to such a harsh reality? Mix II vol 2 doesn’t get any more subtle either. You get the dark grumbling bubbling grinding material more related to shoveling earth dirt in your ears then poetry. But also that higher industrial tone that penetrates through it like a rusty blade being poked into one ear and out through the other might make a person (or ant) go slightly insane or delirious.

At the end there is the Crescent Hyve which is so weird to hear after all these mixes. It’s in a way the weirdest kind of relief generator you could probably thought to hear. It’s like a sinister dark ambient drone that feels like its being created with the scent of death in person. Still it’s such a relief, like you want to run into death, embrace it and give it a huge warm hug; thank you for saving me from lunacy!

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