R. Stevie Moore – There Is No God In America 7″

Artist: R. Stevie Moore
Title: There Is No God In America 7″
Keywords: acapella electronic pop rock ambient electronickrautrock psychedelic synth United States
Label: Doom Trip

Hello dear readers, welcome back at another review. This time I would rather suggest to just jump to the link and try to get your hands on one of the last copies of this 7″, as it would be a good darn shame if you waste your time reading this, decide you like what you hear and want to get a copy – and its all sold out! There is only four of these vinyls left and considering how pleasant this all sound it will sell out like a donut shop next to a police station.

Still here? Okay don’t mind me mumbling (and drooling) away about the fun content captured within this release:

With the first song ‘There is no God in America’ you might think of something that sounds panicky and dark, but thank god… or… wait… no, that wouldn’t make much sense to thank God as that would contradict the meaning of the song… so let’s thank the artist instead as this tune isn’t panicky or dark but pretty much delicious. Thank you R. Stevie Moore!

Think of Delicious synthesizer sweetness splattering the inner parts of the ears, formulating a wetly engaging super star pop melody that gets quickly psychedelic. Something that moves in niceness and is standing strong on its own feet, so much so that a ‘beat’* (*- a happening that appears in a lot of music) isn’t needed or even missed at all. At the right moment the honest voice of R. Stevie Moore joins in to sing perfectly along the electronic space lines. It is giving the synth vibes a delicious hippyish style that feels authentic and concerning. It made me think of Robert Wyatt in some kind of retro future….

Also on the seven inch there is a mind blowing surprise in the shape of a song titled ‘No Talking’. It really excited me to hear R. Stevie Moore singing a song with his voice layered for harmony and perfection. No musical instruments are brought in to keep him companionship (well there might be a possibility that they are being there next to him, but they aren’t being played!) and it really makes the man’s vocalistic skills stand out as well as his outstanding ability of good song writing.

From here R. Stevie Moore just unpacks more good hearted surprises. He seems to be an true artist who isn’t afraid to experiment and who doesn’t play easy tricks. His ‘No Body’ showcases a more laid back sound with soft fluffy drums, sweet bass and a feel of him being able to bring goodness from the past and mix it with opportunities of the future. It is difficult to describe perhaps but it feels like Moore has a time machine in which he could travel to the good old psychedelic heydays and bring them back in feel good redirected form along with his talented skills of crafting, performing and realizing. The man also has a good sense of humor, which just adds on to the like-ability of this fun sounding release. If I had a time machine I would have loved to follow this man around on his musical journeys.

All the way at the end there is the final song ‘Oven Love’ which music wise features a spacious hallucination of guitar wizardry. It sounds easy to digest but incredibly smart at the same time. It even gets beautiful melodic wise; it truly is a high light that is justified to be the end of this pretty eclectic release. You got to love the playfulness of the man’s fingers on the strings, stroking and poking in a cute innovating outsider way. The singing here is also pretty much material to inform your friends for, his voice is like an instrument on its own; one that sings and makes words and phrases yet has this ultimate vibration going on that makes him sound like a imaginative underwater creature from another psychedelic dimension. Fun!

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