Виталий Маклаков – Копирование по памяти

Artist: Виталий Маклаков
Title: Копирование по памяти
Keywords: experimental kamensk uralsky ambient collagedrone electronic experimental field recordings musique concrete noise soviet Lisbon
Label: Urubu Tapes

It’s recommended to put on your helmet and good spirited uniform, ear muffs and empty a flask of hard warming vodka. It might get you into the fuzzy mood of this release that (out of anything) sounds extremely Soviet. The first side is like being fried by sound while being brainwashed and cultivated with televised or radiophonic culture. Smart bits and pieces of nationalistic materials gets kindly mixed with real things like the sound of wooden flutes, whistles and perhaps a melodica; all material clearly confusing to catch a listener of-guard, lowering the resisting barrier to pull the electronic wickedness in the brain that becomes slowly a fried melt-pot. At the end of the first ride you will probably smile and look happy, not knowing that the mind has been altered and you are now some kind of happy asset ready to be waken up by secret command in order to do anything for the empire.

The other part it’s pretty steep with a landscape of below zero drones and field recordings that would make you go through not only the cold, but also the wetness of rain. Luckily the ears are sheltered from the raindrops, giving the session a bit of luck and coziness; yet it also feels like there is no place to go as fleeing anywhere might result in a wet costume & being ultimately frozen into a human ice cube.

Luckily the sound art session will come with entertainment to sit the session through, bits and pieces of Russian singing is brought in for companionship while outside the roof is been tormented by forcible powers of nature. But the longer e are stuck in this shelter the abnormal the happenings become outside; the rain might have stopped but mysterious noises that are very hard to identify (is it a robotic Himalayan-monk?) will for sure keep you in your seat close to the sound snippets of the cozy media. Barking dogs outside don’t seem to be appetizing either, and when the session comes more inside the feeling of nowhere to run or hide might kick in. Better search the whole place for more vodka and get loaded as at least that might help you gain some Dutch courage. But even though booze is recommended and its uncool to give away a good spoiler; but it ends all on a good note, peacefully and calm as if it was just a dream or a bad case weather scenario that had kindly moved on. All in all this is an experience you probably shouldn’t underestimate:

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