mirrored lips – чичичи

Artist: mirrored lips
Title: чичичи
Keywords: punk garage rock hardcore punk noise rock post-punk punk rock Saint Petersburg
Label: Alakir Records

What do you get when the angry sounding Lyusya teams up with the strong and tight drummer Nelly and a melodic gritty guitar playing Sasha? Yes, smart reader you had guessed it well! I respect your intelligence! You get indeed this trio named ‘Mirrored Lips’! Not much is known in my book about this band, but they for sure know how to make the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. If there had been hairs growing in the front of my neck they would probably have stood up as well…

I have no idea what the words mean thanks to the language barrier, but Lyusya sounds furious and passionate; this is someone who has something on the mind and it has to come out in this way otherwise she might maybe explode! Think of an talking voice with similar fury of a volcano who is ready to burst.
Nelly’s drumming is all about flexible tightness, dragging and carrying the other two participants with solid solitude. What I like of this drumming is that it’s tight but also managed to swing, making the music ready to hop in and bounce around with; clearly elements that inspires the guitar sessions of Sasha.

Three songs on this release, showcasing this A-Team in their kick ass style that convinces easily that they don’t need any other member to their club of anger management. The last song is getting it all out, with nasty sounds, playfulness that sets them apart from any one out of a mile rock band; these people are like an orchestrated punch with still some sense of humor in their guts. They are probably a good trio to hang out with, unless you are their enemy… they are direct and their tunes are basically begging for more! Three songs is a nice showcase to feel the fire, but an whole album of this might be able to move mountains!

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